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  1. Yeah i've been training at caged ogres. I did buy the script to get 94 magic on my pure though I'll buy it next time, I don't expect more compensation as 2 weeks was generous and it isn't your fault by the sounds of it. Thanks, keep us updated. Is there a discord channel you have or is it just PM'ing you via discord? If so, can you add me to it. We spoke the other day Also - Is the signature broken? I've gained well over 20-30M+ magic xp, and easily 20-30M ranged xp in my time w/this script.
  2. Does this script have optional anti-ban settings and toggles or is it all just done in the script 1 way
  3. Curse alch still doesn't work. Tried on numerous NPC's and still nothing. Tried stun alch and curse alch, nothing... Just does the general anti-ban clicks and status is stuck on 'attacking' but doesn't work.
  4. siilentalk

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Used this from 59-62 agility on a maxed zerk that has no prev bans. Not botted account in over 6 months so it’s definitely this script. Only bought it yesterday too. Shame.. won’t be using again
  5. Maybe it could be as the bot clicks the butler while he is walking away, so the bot is lured into a different room? I saw this happen once. Obviously it calls for the butler most of the time, but yeah... could be the cause, idk. Bot is good though in general. Around 350k/h with mahog tables.
  6. Often find the bot (whilst doing mahogany tables) in another room or at the side of the table when AFK'ing. Not sure what causes this but it's happened a few times.
  7. Hi. Quick bug. I have a kitchen placed right next to my dining room (whatever it's called), and I was making mahogany tables. I left the bot for around 20 minutes and came back to the bot trying to right click the kitchen table, where obviously you cannot make mahogany tables.. I'm not sure how the bot got there, but it did somehow. Just thought i'd let you know.
  8. @Optimus I'm still having problems with stun alching/curse alching. Got 55-94magic on an account recently with no problems so it must be a recent problem. The bot just sits and odes occasional anti-ban right clicks etc, but doesn't attack anything. Please fix as I bought this script for magic training and it's not working for 4+ days.