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  1. Botted using this script last night. First time botting in over 3 months, and was banned. Ran it for roughly 6 hours.
  2. +1 same
  3. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35728-tutorial-for-safe-botting/ Take a look at this.
  4. @Trilez Occasionally while wine making, the script will fail to bank the wines, and then withdraw the jugs of water.. It will then try and withdraw the grapes but fail to do so as the inventory is already full. The script will then terminate and log out due to "running out of food"... Can you change this so if the jugs of wine/fermenting wines aren't banked, the script makes sure to re-bank and deposit them..
  5. Averaging 370k experience per hour on wines... Bought enough for 99, which means i'll have 99 in around 30 hours.. Nice.
  6. Theres a few things that don't/didn't work, I guess you have to keep posting/PM'ing to get a reply. I did that with the wines and he fixed them.
  7. looks fine now thanks.
  8. Uploading now, i'll PM it you.
  9. @trliez I saw you read this? Why cant you atleast give us a reply? We buy your script and it doesn't do what it says.
  10. The sad thing is I saw him reading the topic, he just hasn't got the decency to explain his situation/tell his loyal customers it will be fixed Bad on him #Ownersbadscripts
  11. This Having the same issue, waste of money atm. Tried putting grapes/jugs of water at top, bottom, middle of bank, and tried starting with/without wine/jugs of water in invent, and it does the same everytime and just withdraws>bank>withdraw>bank over and over. @TRiLeZ
  12. Stuck on loading params whilst loading client, never had this problem before.
  13. Just got a 20 hour proggy on Shrimps/Anchovies and managed to hit 70 fishing on F2P level 3 account. I'll leave this unbotted for a couple of days and if there is no ban, i'll make it members and fish sharks asap ^.^