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  1. I uploaded data a while back, however i never received a key or anything to use it. Although when I loaded up Tribot it said something along the lines of ~human mouse data implemented~ is this my human mouse data that i recorded? Or someone elses?
  2. So true. I'm never using free scripts again (unless i've been informed that it's BEAST), just not worth it. Although I have been using a free woodcutting script that someone recommended me to use and it's worked AMAZINGLY, 31 hours non stop from 60 to 75 at yews (only logged for update) and no ban as of yet. Compared to the other free script I used which got me banned within 2 days with only botting 8 hrs per day.
  3. Hmmm. I just wish it responded to people that 'wc levels' etc. It would be so helpful. Oh well, shame it doesn't work very well. PS. How do you get sigs like yours? That show how long you managed to run a script for?
  4. I try enable the auto responder every time I run a script. However, I have yet to see it actually reply to anything. Can anyone tell me why it's not working? It never worked prior to me using Looking Glass and it doesn't work with it either. I just came back to my computer and seen someone say 'looks like we got a bot boys', after he said my name and I hadn't responded. Fortunately, but a close call none the less I think I saved myself being reported by responding rather quickly. I feel a functioning auto responder replying with a simple 'hey' could severely cut down on the suspicion and reports.
  5. As a complete beginner, does anyone know of any guides that can help me out? I can't really find much on google for guides on creating scripts for Runescape and ones I have found just jump straight into the depths of it. I done higher computing at school and we worked with visual basic, but that seems to be an extremely simplistic programming language when compared to Java.
  6. I feel this is pointless and can help jagex to spot bots. How many players, when sitting around skilling will randomly click their music tab, it's probably the tab i'm least likely to click on. I can understand the skills tab etc, but the common opening of the music tab seems like it could be a good indication of a bot for jagex - especially if you don't even choose a song or scroll down. edit: Sorry if I sound like i'm going on a rampage, I just feel like getting my ideas out which could be causing bans.
  7. Maybe I just think it looks un-natural because I'm so used to playing with the scroll wheel and many people on youtube/twitch use it too.
  8. I never said that at all. I just think it looks un-natural when my bot does it.
  9. I'm gonna go ahead and say I got the shit deal with the arrow keys then.
  10. I'm pretty nooby at this stuff, so please excuse me. What do you mean MY ABCL PROFILE? Is there something I can do on my behalf, separate from the script creators?
  11. Alright, I guess premium scripts are more likely to make use of this? The free ones I've been using don't seem to at all. If I was a Jagex Mod, I could spot some of these scripts from a mile off.
  12. You can clearly tell the bot is using the arrow keys to turn the camera and In my opinion it just looks un-natural. I believe I am safe in saying that the majority of players use their scroll wheel to maneuver their cameras. Hence, I think this is a feature that should be developed and implemented in future scripts. My bad if this is already in scripts, I've only used free ones so far, so I don't know if premium ones attend to this matter.
  13. Alright, I'll give this account a try with 100% LG and a premium wood cutting script and we'll see how far I can get it. Would you mind giving me insight as to what type script you are using? It is resource gathering or combat, etc?
  14. Do you bot a specific skill in particular? And if so are the accounts leveled only in that specific skill? I tried a free woodcutting script a week or so ago and was banned after two days, botting for 8 hours per day. Do you reckon I could last longer if i invested in a premium script?
  15. Based on what pkedyuh said: I'd have to agree that if the clients were detectable, we wouldn't stand any chance what so ever as it we would get instantly banned.
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