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    I am a runescape fan i hate the eoc version i am a old school player and even tho my wife hates that i spend alot of time playing the game shes always asking questions about it, i love spending my time working on cars, playing games, and my work.
  1. so when i started zezima was the best player on runescape mind you iv been playing since 2001 i have followed he and came to find out that it was not one person playing the account but 4 people total i have a dream of recreating that glorious charecter and i am still looking for true compaions to help me complet this journy....

  2. planckta

    Troll Wines [ABCL10]

    Just want to start off by saying love the script but like others i am experiencing some issues with the script, lets start off with the banking issue i will work for a while then when it deposits fine the next load it goes to bring out it will pull out 14 jugs of water then exit the bank and end the script. The next problem is it randomly stops sometimes around 300 sometimes more i have check to make sure i had all the right settings and i do but would love to see some work dun like i said love the script thanks for posting it.
  3. so i bought the vip exteded and a fletcher skript and noting shows up also when i try and downlode it pop up a error screen telling me it could not find the main class any ideas