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jake miler

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    Selling Sock 5 Private Proxys PM FOR DETAILS

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  1. @Tri does that mean i get a free credit LOL jokez
  2. should make a youtube video
  3. @Sphiinx thanks for adding the cool little feature i needed/requested will definitely be using this script!
  4. check out @Starfox sigma magic script
  5. go for it!
  6. Selling Sock 5 Private Proxys PM FOR DETAILS

  7. you could shop around i currently sell proxys, so do a few other people you can see which one you like everyone has different prices pm me if you need to know mines yoho has proxys too
  8. never used em in my life lol
  9. added
  10. So thought about opening my own little proxy shop i should be able to beat most or maybe all other prices pm me for details if you need any ill try my best to provide the best service/support Prices varies from 2.50$-3$ depending on quantity ofc
  11. ahh ok never mind didnt check those lol
  12. non , people probably had delay bans and thought it was weath being on.
  13. TO HOUSE: (Option?) HOUSE LOCATION: (Location) rimmy TO BANK: (Option?) duel ring TABLET: (Option?) bone to peaches USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: (True/False) false USE SERVANT: (True/False) true Issue(s) Experienced: (Information) it doesnt call for servent/use bell when runs out of material noted materials are all in inventory Picture: (Image)