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  1. Taking orders
  2. No I have never been on pb and I understand the trust issues, I can also run a small gold shop, I need to edit my original post I have been busy so I copied/pasted my other post
  3. Hey Guys! For the first 1-5 orders I will reduce the price by 25-50% depending on the reputation of the customer. Quests that I WILL NOT do: Recipe for Disaster (My personal lack of experience) Desert Treasure (My personal lack of experience) Shield of Arrav (Requires a partner) Hero's Quest (Requires a partner) Quest Prices: All Free Quests (excluding Dragon Slayer): 25k-50k (depending on length and difficulty) Novice (short): 25k Novice (medium): 30k Novice (long): 35k Intermediate (medium): 50k Member's Quests: Will be priced by their difficulty and length taken from http://www.runehq.com/oldschoolquest Novice (short): 250k Novice (medium): 375k Novice (long): 500k Intermediate (short): 550k Intermediate (medium): 675k Intermediate (long): 875k Experienced (short): 950k Experienced (medium): 1.2M Experienced (long): 1.4M Master (medium): 2M Master (long): 3M Master (very long): Negotiated A Middleman can be used at YOUR expense. My T.O.S. *You understand that the prices are FIRM and will not be negotiated unless otherwise stated. *You will go first unless I deem you as a trusted person (ie: high rep, done business with before(with proof)) *You will not change the password or log onto the account before and during the service *I am not responsible for any mutes or bans put on the account during and or after the service. *You will have the required levels, items and previous quests completed, unless you are ordering the required quests. *I can decline any offers *I am not responsible for any unwanted levels (ie: pures) gained via quests, if you wish certain skills to not be trained then you will notify me via Skype to tell me what you do not want leveled. *A partial refund may be applied if I am unable to complete the quest, resources used such as arrows, food, armor, and weapons will not be refunded. *If your account does not have the required items for the quest resources can be gathered for a fee. *If your account does not have the required levels for the quest I WILL NOT get you to the required levels for the quest(s) and you will receive a partial refund. *By posting an order below you agree to these T.O.S. and will pm me on tribot for my skype information. Order form format: Quest(s) desired: Do you have the required pre-reqs for the quest(s)? (Y/N): Do you have the required items for the quest(s)? (Y/N): Do you have the require levels for the quest(s)? (Y/N): Do you want updates throughout the order? (Y/N): Will you leave positive feedback if the order is 100% completed? (Y/N):
  4. Bot will not bank anymore just sits there after fletching
  5. Thanks I will look into that!
  6. My friend would like me to build him a pc, he said that he only wants it for like web browsing and word documents, I assume that he may eventually use it to play some simple games nothing too high end though. I am just wondering what you guys think I should put into this, I assume that he also is going to pick an ATX case so I would like some build ideas to help me get this train rolling. Any input would be helpful. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SIT HERE AND MAKE A TRAIN ABOUT HOW BUILDING YOUR OWN PC IS BETTER THAN BUYING PREMADE I DO NOT GIVE ONE FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOUR OPINION! Thank you guys! Stay BEAUTIFUL