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  1. Seriously @Zainy how about some loyalty to this script you've been kicking this can down the road for months now i see you still pay attention to your other scripts, are you seriously telling me you cant put any time into this script at all? 24 hours of your day are completely taken every single day and its impossible to update? I think we've been plenty patient and reasonable but this is going on forever. How about an ETA?
  2. Thanks FC, script completed tutorial island in about 7:20 for me, flawless
  3. Not sure if thats true, i camped here for a few weeks no problems after jan
  4. forget it, blastfurnace has one of the highest banrates in the game.
  5. literally never happened to me once using same method. ABCL2 delays maybe?
  6. lawlz1

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    It is farmed to death anyway imo, lesser known methods reap most rewards.
  7. Well if you were selling games i'd say fair enough, but from combat, no way. Nobody else reports bans from combat in NMZ currently. I know Mod Weath is currently running through his list of flagged botters from the past few days.
  8. Unlikely, it seems you are using MTA and Green dragon killer premium bots ontop both of which have higher on average banrates then NMZ (unless bot busting for selling), Possibly one of those 2
  9. Just a heads up boys and girls, bot busting osrs starts in about 40 mins from when i make this post in relation to Gameblast16 fundraising weekend. Stay safe and please donate to well of goodwill in varrock if you are feeling charitable Jagex will donate $1 per 1mil donated, they must know the going rates for osrs mils lol.
  10. When you gain a hp level using absorbs and rockcake, it runs to 2hp and starts to screw up burning absorbs and not repotting correctly. Maybe make it so it will just suicide the game and restart if you gain a hp level using this method.
  11. lawlz1

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Stop criticizing a script when this is a JAGEX function. It stops people hopping worlds too fast, not the scripts fault.
  12. lawlz1

    Farming minigame

    Tithe Farm Minigame for farming nets upwards of 100kxp/h if done correctly. Not massively profitable but unique opportunity all the same. Zeah http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Tithe_Farm rewards mostly compost and outfit. Yt vid guides for best xp/h
  13. 25m points on absorbs when you can only hold 255 doses at a time lel. Might as well cash out all but 5m or so (incase you lose imbued).
  14. I am suspicious of this story many of us have used the bot for over 12 hours a day consistently and no reported bans for combat. Maybe your IP was flagged already and you were due for a banhammer with any account you used the IP on.
  15. It depends, if they only change it to where if you pick the bosses you want then maybe sellers will survive at lower prices per game. Assuming standard 5 mandatory bosses are still 6k a game to host. Sellers cant pick any bosses besides the original 5 they are setup for.