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  1. doesn't work for me now, now just stands idle in bank screen even though I have a surplus of steel bars and correct settings
  2. Worthwhile

    iClueSolver by iant06 - Development

    Any ETA and word on pricing? Looking very promising.
  3. Worthwhile

    [ABCL10] [All Bars] [Flawless] Mythik Smelter - Beta

    That's awesome! So good to hear <3
  4. Worthwhile

    [ABCL10] [All Bars] [Flawless] Mythik Smelter - Beta

    Any chance you could support cannonballs?
  5. Appreciate the quick fixes as always Just a suggestion, can you make it so it withdraws-10 or all instead of it manually entering withdraw 9 iron ore every time it banks? Cheers edit: smelting seems to work now but now it has issues withdrawing, it doesn't detect when there's a full inventory already and just keeps spamming withdraw coal
  6. Smelting cannonball from ores doesn't seem to be working now in edgeville - just stands in front of furnace.
  7. Had this issue aswell, make sure you have enough gp in invent
  8. (making steel bars and then cannonballs) cannonballs loving this script since the fix
  9. while it's waiting for the butler to come back, noticed that it spams "call servant"
  10. my bad, I only had 3k in the inventory, forgot to withdraw gp
  11. Cheers for the fix, but when I start the script now it immediately says out of resources even though it's first action was to make tabs (so there are items in inventory) and then log out 2 seconds later.
  12. script got stuck over 6 hours constantly clicking steel bars here. welp :/
  13. It keeps happening, it spams the noted soft clay on the butler. I can lend you my account to test it out if you want. I'm using a regular butler.
  14. Awesome, it's working flawlessly so far. Does it log out when it's out of supplies?