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  1. slavebotter

    Just got permanently banned

    sad react only
  2. pro tip: proxies are a waste of money
  3. slavebotter

    Please admins help me out

    You already posted a thread about this, why post another? lol
  4. Wait for Joe's next update. Should be working by then.
  5. slavebotter

    Ban times change when I use VPS?

    If you bot in the same place with the same script you'll more than likely get chain banned regardless of IP/geolocation
  6. Update hasn't even been released yet lol Nvm, updated 30th dec 2016. Ill give it a shot. @JoeDezzy1 Neither versions will run for me, starting with all items in inventory.
  7. slavebotter

    Banned for Botting

  8. Just my opinion but I and most others I've talked to just dose stamina at bank every lap. Maybe have an option to do that or the other.
  9. slavebotter

    Bandit, Bedabin camp scripts?

    Lol, take off your tinfoil hat.
  10. slavebotter

    Bandit, Bedabin camp scripts?

    Bandits are a waste of money, go do NMZ if you're a member. No support here.
  11. slavebotter

    Possible to get a refund?

    Try posting in this subtopic https://tribot.org/forums/forum/172-script-dispute/ Make sure to use the correct script dispute format. Also, as far as I am aware, all script purchases are credit refunded, not in irl currency.
  12. slavebotter

    [P]Out of combat notification

    Request: out of combat sound notification Description: Plays a sound that repeats itself continuously when you're out of combat Payment Amount: $5 or 8M OSRS gp Time: ASAP Additional: Hoping this is possible with the tribot API - I'm a moron when it comes to these sorts of things otherwise I'd do it myself. (can't be too hard though, right?) Post below or message me over tribot PM, Thanks in advance.
  13. Well done, @JoeDezzy1 looking forward to using this once again when I have accounts
  14. slavebotter

    SDMM botting

    If you're selling the SDM GP to them, yeah that sounds about right. Clans in-game will sell seasonal gp to you for 1:20 (1M SDM = 20M oldschool) and buy your seasonal gp for 1:10 (1M SDM = 10M oldschool) Wouldn't sell any lower than 1:10 at the moment. Source: sold about 3m seasonal gp already On topic: Bot in safe areas, or don't bot it at all. They do more sweeps on seasonal than they do on main servers.