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    You're not my friend, you're my brother, my friend!

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  1. enthusiastic.
  2. Nice lmao
  3. R.I.P.
  4. Fishing hardly makes any money, right? It takes a long time to get to sharks and surely they'd be banned by then? Also it must take like 24 hours or maybe even 48 to get to the monkfish level. P.s. I'm a noob, don't rage if i'm a wrong, ty
  5. I'm interested, will add you on Skype.
  6. Good job!
  7. Awesome and what specific free script for 1-63 mate because there must be one that just does those ones
  8. This is a good idea tbh, would love to see one some day
  9. Hey I got some questions.. What bot do you use to get the account from 1 - 63 Hunter and how long does that take? How often do you trade the chins of the account? Whats your favorite script to use?
  10. Lewis / Loades ftw
  11. Well I can considering it's in the graphics section and technically it's graphics