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    You're not my friend, you're my brother, my friend!

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  1. Quakee


    I commented on your page. I was going to PM you later on that night but I couldn't afford the gold so i didn't. Maybe the Skype user saw my comment, messaged you, pretended to be me, scammed you and now i get the blame? That skype is not me.... This is a joke
  2. Quakee


    1. Dude, i commented but i never pmed you on Tribot, I dont have a skype and have never posted one as you can see if you check through every single one of my posts. 2. I can't afford 20m lmao 3. Proof that this person is me please? This is some sort of impersonator i guess, idek, but this was not me.... You can check through all my posts and I dont have any skype.
  3. Users profile : https://tribot.org/forums/user/230821-jared1231/?tab=feedback Date of feedback : 3rd Septemember 2015 Feedback left : Randomly left me a negative feedback saying I scammed yet i've never even engaged in contact with the user Why it should be removed : Because it's a false random feedback that he left on me for no reason If the user wants fb removed : Not spoke to them so not sure
  4. Fishing hardly makes any money, right? It takes a long time to get to sharks and surely they'd be banned by then? Also it must take like 24 hours or maybe even 48 to get to the monkfish level. P.s. I'm a noob, don't rage if i'm a wrong, ty
  5. Quakee

    Gamete Ban

    datsssssss fucked
  6. Quakee

    Gamete Ban

    Even if he's a bad person, never wish death upon someone mate
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