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    You're not my friend, you're my brother, my friend!

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  1. Quakee


  2. Quakee

    Repository Upgrades

    Good job!
  3. Quakee

    Auto Responder

    This is a good idea tbh, would love to see one some day
  4. Quakee

    mute rock crabs

    Didn't work for me either tbh, I just gave up with free scripts, you need VIP to bot well.
  5. Quakee

    Best FREE combat scripts?

    Thankyou mate
  6. Quakee

    Best FREE combat scripts?

    Cant get that money though , thats my problem
  7. Quakee

    New PayPal System

    Ah good point, I understand.
  8. Quakee

    Best FREE combat scripts?

    Cheers mate, will check it out.
  9. Quakee

    Best FREE combat scripts?

    Basically, i'm too poor to buy VIP and I need a good training script of some kind. I'd like to train range and was wondering what was the best script for my needs? Thanks.
  10. Quakee

    New PayPal System

    Nice, PayPal donate button please?
  11. Quakee

    Bought credits but they dont show up.

    Happening to everyone, contact a mod, my friend.
  12. Quakee

    Bought some credits and refunded instantly?

    Think it's a problem for everyone, just ask a mod or something, my friend!
  13. Stay positive, my friends!

  14. Quakee

    [ABCL 10] Mute's Wine Grabber

    Looks like a great script, will use sometime when I get into scripting. Good job, my friend!
  15. Quakee

    Bot RAM

    I'd personally advise messaging a scripter or something.