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  1. haha, no. if there's a way to see my forum activity / botting usage you'll see that I haven't been on in quite a while.. I went to use a script recently and it said I had already been running a script and that I had to purchase VIP to run more scripts at once.. which is odd because I only had the one client open and haven't botted in a long time.. couldn't have been me, after I changed my password I got that 2 hour trail error posted in the thread. Maybe a mod can verify that it wasn't me? I'm not trying to get free trial time though I'd rather buy VIP but I wanted to test a script first.
  2. speechless, thank you <333
  3. Paying with .80 in BTC + 500k OSRS! Can also pay with rsgp 1.3M or w/e.
  4. I haven't botted in a while, can mods reset my trail time? I changed my password.. I believe I was hacked.
  5. Unfortunately you need 100 posts to transfer credits.
  6. Yes.
  7. https://virmach.com/http://www.proxyfish.com/ https://virtualbuddy.org/ http://socks5proxies.net/
  8. If there is a Script bug feel free to post your results on the thread, deaths are pretty common due to pkers on slower machines/vps as your hardware/connection wont give you the best advantage to have your player logout in time. As a player above you posted that he got his first visage, it is entirely luck in terms of profit. As for your setup, I wouldn't recommend taking any account in there that can get one shot by a Lava Dragon. There are a lot of strategies to maximize your gains in there but running 10 hp accounts is not one I recommend. As for your comments in the Script thread regarding disabling ABC2, the script runs multi-threaded detection to give you the best chance at detecting a pker before he clicks you and will breakout of those human reaction sleeps regardless if ABC2 is selected or not. My recommendation is to use an account that is 30+ health, lobsters (+), and a machine that can support quicker calculations to give you the best shot. If you notice any Script bugs, please post those in the thread. Thanks! Like this My hardware and internet connection to Runescape isn't the problem with the deaths that occurred during the time that I was running your script.. if you read my private message to yourself you would see that I mention the script running into the lava dragons and dying without eating food or moving this is an obvious issue with the script. Another issue that I had was with the "multi-threaded detection".. the script would hover over the logout button and when a pker logged in on me the client debug wouldn't show that pker as a person in range so I would just die. The account I was running your script on had well over 30 HP and was around 60-65 HP using sharks and energy pots. Another issue was when the script would go to loot.. it preforms an inventory check and then loots the items on the ground but with ABC2 on / off the wait between checking the inventory and then actually looting was insane I usually ended up taking damage from a new dragon spawning and hitting me 5/10. The script eats all your food in the inventory when it gets near the end of the trip and then takes damage from mobs on the way back. Honestly not the most pleasant experience with this script, played around with all the settings (ABC2 and Mousespeed most importantly) and the results were sorta shitty to be honest. "As a player above you posted that he got his first visage, it is entirely luck in terms of profit." - Just wanted to say that this is irrelevant to what I opened the refund request for.. the stability of the script is my issue not gp/h. thanks, Lethal. Like thi
  9. Definitely a fine piece of script by Worthy.. effectively killing zulrah multiple times with one inventory.
  10. So would that mean that the client is detected?
  11. A gold 5 league account with high mmr isn't worth as much as you think it is.
  12. See... you're limiting the problem to just your computer when you can be hacked in many other ways .. DB leaks for example. I suggest you change all your passwords and 2-step your email.
  13. no. SmoothAnxiousAfricanelephant.webm
  14. That's sick mate.. congratulations are you planning on selling the account?