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  1. Today when I opened OSBuddy this came up and I'm not sure how to fix it, any help would be greatly appreciated. Error downloading configuration, trying again Connection refused: connect Error downloading configuration with fallback DNS, trying again Connection refused: connect Error downloading configuration altogether Malformed hashes file () Unable to find the hash for jar.json Additional information: It was working for about a week, and I'm a university student so I use the wifi the school gives me.
  2. Any idea on the difference between the two?
  3. Hey how's the scripts d'hide tanning performance / ban rate?
  4. How many herbs does it clean p/h ?
  5. When do your guys bots usually get banned?
  6. Hi, when i click start on my bot no scripts show up :/
  7. currently jagex is cracking down on bf i wouldn't recommend it until it's safe again.
  8. script is unusable now that they upped their bot busting
  9. Hey there, for the past while I've been using Dax's Blast Furnace script. As of abut three weeks ago it became impossible to bot while jmods were on around the hours for 10pm-10am. Meaning the only time you could bot was 10am-10pm, after this the jmods would come on and ban your account. So for the past weekes ive had to use what I call burner accounts, where I'd use them for 12 hours then transfer everything as they were going to be banned shortly. HOWEVER, for the first time today I had my burner accounts banned during the day time. 3 of my accounts got banned one hour ago, and thats not jagex's normal hours of operation.
  10. usually they never ban during the days though
  11. when will this be?
  12. Theyre banning my accounts during the day 10am-10pm has always been safe
  13. 8/9 accounts banned when i woke up. wasn't botting overnight and was using breaks
  14. Hi, to my understanding the time to bot is from 5PM GMT - 6AM GMT because during this time Jagex HQ is closed and the mods aren't there. Is this correct? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Looking for a scripter that can make a private script that will perform each one of the tasks at blast furnace. Will pay, add me on skype @ funfight
  16. looking for a script thats sole purpose is to do tyhe jobs. not turn ore into bars.
  17. didnt receiver any bans overnight and i suicide botted 12 hours during the day
  18. Hi, I'm currently using many different proxies and when I go to login to my mule account it signs in and when i press the CLICK HERE TO PLAY the client freezes. My other accounts on different ip's are working fine.
  19. Getting these errors FIXED: Download from https://justattach.com/justattach/downloads.php and make sure to choose 51 when u open your client