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  1. Are you guys using LG for this or not
  2. After the update the client is unable to find all NPC ID's just wait for the fix.
  3. Because of this bug it isn't worth the purchase?
  4. Awesome to hear. I know it's completely random but would you give me a rough estimate of how long a fresh account would last botting like 10 or 20 hours a day? will it make it for a day or perhaps a week? thanks man
  5. How often do your guys accounts get banned? any info would be great before buying this script
  6. Are you using LG and also do I need membership for this?
  7. Today when I opened OSBuddy this came up and I'm not sure how to fix it, any help would be greatly appreciated. Error downloading configuration, trying again Connection refused: connect Error downloading configuration with fallback DNS, trying again Connection refused: connect Error downloading configuration altogether Malformed hashes file () Unable to find the hash for jar.json Additional information: It was working for about a week, and I'm a university student so I use the wifi the school gives me.
  8. Any idea on the difference between the two?
  9. Hey how's the scripts d'hide tanning performance / ban rate?
  10. How many herbs does it clean p/h ?
  11. When do your guys bots usually get banned?
  12. currently jagex is cracking down on bf i wouldn't recommend it until it's safe again.