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  1. I used to use this site for runescape botting in the past and am trying to start a league of legends boosting service. It will be ran by me and a friend, I am currently diamond 1 NA, my friend is diamond 3 we will be doing boosts all the way to diamond 5 (plat boosts and higher require a few certain champs). We also will be doing duoQ boosting with voice chat and coaching during our games played, this however will be a bit more expensive. Games obviously will be win over loss (where if we lose a game I will win you 2 games to make up for loss) current pricing: bronze 1 and lower $3 per game ( duoQ unavailable due to no duoable account with bronze.) silver 1-5 $5 per game $7 for duo and coaching + voice chat gold 1-5 $7 per game $9 for duo and coaching + voice chat plat 3-5 $9 per game $11 for duo and coaching + voice chat (champs required) plat 1-2 $11 per game $13 for duo and coaching + voice chat (champs required) for large orders such as bronze x to gold x please contact me I will look at your current Mmr for lp gain reasons and give a fair discounted price. thanks kappa
  2. Very interested fc I pmed you about 2 weeks ago about getting in on this if you remember
  3. if this is not allowed please let me know, im just trying to rent a maxed account 99/99/99/99 att/str/def/hp for staking purposes for a night. (no sort of botting or any rule breaking other than account sharing will be going on on your account)
  4. @rilkarsales navy here
  5. @rilkarsales what branch? im still in.
  6. @chefdarren2 @HarvieMG add the skype. currently working on 2 more accounts then i can start you guys
  7. Vouch this service, great guy
  8. It is not easy to make as a whole it just does a few different things that are easy.
  9. Requesting private script. I don't really imagine that this script would be too difficult to make
  10. add us on skype for quicker service. online and taking orders