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  1. It is very much possible to have long streaks of not catching dragon imps. I can show you a motivational picture tho
  2. Anyone else encountering the same kind of problem with _lots_ of implings getting free'd ? I don't know if jagex changed something with the rates imps free them but man, I was getting like 1,2k xp/h before. after todays patch to runescape, im averaging 3,6k and the bot gets barely any magpie / ninja implings into bank as they get free'd 247
  3. slight problems with the world switcher, it misclicks the server (for example, tries to switch to 359, keeps clicking 358 and not even fast enough to switch)
  4. Irzi

    Switch to Java 8

    Just something i noticed, doesnt seem to work with jdk1.8.0_60 works with jdk1.8.0_31 (the two i have installed)