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  1. @TRiLeZ does like this monkfish.....
  2. i had an extra account on the side and i wanted to get its woodcutting level up so i decided to go with your script and man it hasnt let me down at all. i ran the script for more then a day and a half and no problems what so ever. Good work my friend only problem i had is when i would run the script sometimes and choice it to cut oak trees (the tree was right in front of the char)it would run to the edge of the map and crash sometimes.
  3. how much u selling a eat mill for?
  4. i pm u my teamview info bro
  5. bro im having a mental break down already i cant even put in works whats happening its just error after error after error please if i pm u my teamview info will u take a look at it
  6. i tried everything on the support page nothing is help me with my error can someone please teamview me and fix it for me PLEASE