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  1. My plan was to make a "sotd pure", so i intend for the most to only bot that account. I got banned yesterday after using curse/alch script for like 5 hours, when i reached about 70 magic. But how can i know if i have a "dynamic address" and change it? But will i not have the same problem then? I can get chain banned on my 2 other accounts im not botting on aswell? Because i wanna play on my other accounts while im still botting, and i guess they will still be the same ip, meaning they can also go down in the same flame. Then they can see that i am playing on the same 3 accounts, or the 2+ the new one i make again?
  2. If i make a new account using a proxy to bot on, when i am done botting on that account when i reached the levels i want, can i take off the proxy and play as normally on it using my home ip? Eventhough/when i already have been banned for botting on my home ip before? Also can i forexample use my computer at work to bot on instead of using a proxy eventhough i logged into my other accounts from here before? I did not get chain banned from home ip, only the account i was botting on.
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