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  1. AlexJohnson

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    weird as it been working fine for me made over 400+ accounts of the past few days.
  2. AlexJohnson

    Purchase VIP

    You have never been able to buy VIP via forum for RSGP... you have to purchase credits from other members. and its alot more than 3M now.
  3. AlexJohnson

    Which scripts to use?

    100% recommend
  4. I won't even help the user and just refund the retarded person he is. This script is amazing and could not be faulted in any areas.
  5. AlexJohnson

    Anyone's bots have issues?

    Im running exRunecrafter fine right now.
  6. AlexJohnson


    The servers are messed up currently.
  7. AlexJohnson

    Still problems buying credits with PP

    works instant from credit card.
  8. AlexJohnson

    Over 48 hours no Credits. Im sorta pissed.

    Servers are playing up lately. You'll either get credits or instantly refunded on paypal (check) - pay by card = gets credit straight away i done it about half hour ago to purchase script.