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  1. How dumb I am. Thank you man, didn't realize that VIP is expired. (Actually didn't realize it because there are 10+ accs running with dif. scripts atm so i thought still i am vip)
  2. I have got 10 instances of aAgility and currently i can only run one account at same time. When i try to run 2nd acc it says "The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script." And yes i did check instance manager and there it seems only one instance is used. (I even tried to kill that instance and then tried to start script again, still same) @TRiLeZ @Fluffee @Todd @Aropupu Edit: Sorry, the problem was the VIP, Fixed.
  3. You're offering compensation even though it was not your fault, respect it man. For my self no need compensation, just keep your great work going on, Thank you.
  4. You've uploaded the script in a few minutes just after TRiLeZ's post. Thanks for quick fix.
  5. @TRiLeZThanks for the update but some of the scripts won't load ("unable to load script"). ETA on fixing loading script issue?
  6. the issue ("not coming back after break finished") is still persist with LG, non LG client works fine
  7. hi @Netami thanks for the awesome script. Could you pls add Bones to peaches tablet support? It's very usefull when you don't want to banking (its not that easy to banking in some areas and thus reducing XP/h), script would collect bones and use one Bones to peaches tablet when inventory is full. So the food is "Peach". This way it won't need banking for food. Thanks in advance.
  8. I came back after a two-year long break. I'm happy to be back in Tribot. Happy New Year guys !
  9. yes only btc, thank you
  10. BTC only, BTC Rate = http://preev.com/
  11. its been almost 1 month now since the script is broken. Still no fix. Even you are ignoring us. What happening @Tri ? Why does it take ages to fix the script? At least you can tell us what's going on...
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