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  1. and i just realized my auth. has expired, its working fine now
  2. i have same issue even i don't use LG. @erickho123 it stops immediately upon start. Cleint and bot debug shows nothing.
  3. i ran script on 12 accs. All of them were succesfull to finish tut isle but one, it get stacked in front of master cooker room, couldn't open the door. @Usa
  4. i can confirm this. it'll go away from crab spot to reset aggro. it then won't go back to spot, just sit there for hours @Mute
  5. Thank you, you are the life saver
  6. Today jagex removed skippy from all the worlds except DDM worlds. So the bug might be fixed automatically after the update.
  7. looks sexy, gratz on release
  8. looks crazy, gratz on the release
  9. same here. i run 10+ LG clients in a pc and no login issue with
  10. Have you bought theese accounts from PA ? if so, the seller has definitely recovered the accounts. No matter if you have changed the passwords and/or added authenticator. Because jagex only consider "Which ip the account was created". simply the seller sends an email to jagex from the ip which acc was created and tell jagex "my account got hacked" . Jagex then gives acc back to him, even he couldn't provide the info that jagex asked. (i have experienced this two times in the past) THAT IS WHY ACCOUNT SELLING IS FORBIDDEN IN TRIBOT ! Never buy accounts unles seller is 100% trusted.
  11. Right click on client or bot debug and copy to clipboard, then paste here. Also don't forget to tag scripter when you post a bug, like this @Tri So they will be noticed
  12. Mute is really great and skilled scripter. He made 2 private scripts for me in hours ! his speed was amazing. After the initial request done succsefully, he fixed some minor bugs in minutes while chatting on discord. Tank you, big vouches for @Mute