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  1. its been almost 1 month now since the script is broken. Still no fix. Even you are ignoring us. What happening @Tri ? Why does it take ages to fix the script? At least you can tell us what's going on...
  2. +1. Thanks for offering refund but no need to refund. We just want script functional like before. Make your best pls, thanks.
  3. pls update script for new deadman seasonal worlds. i just found my acc stacked at a new dmm world. You know, because of this bug, a lot of ppl get banned in previous DMM Seasonal launch dates. Current DMM seasonal worlds: 311 - 320 - 338 - 357 - 374 - 378 I think its better to having an option in the GUI which we can select/disable servers. So you will not have to update script with every runescape world updates. @Tri
  4. rvqx

    Proxies with looking glass??

    Yes you can. i have been running one tab / per client all the time (cuz i beleive its more stable). So i load Tribot with proxy and LG tab will be loaded through the proxy that i selected in Tribot loader.
  5. rvqx

    Proxies with looking glass??

    Should be proxy ip if you did everything correct. Run Osbuddy and Tribot in following order: 1- First open an osbuddy client and minize it without touching anything on it (don't login to game, stay at login screen) 2- Run Tribot then select the proxy you want to use in Tribot loader screen. After Tribot client loaded, start a new looking glass tab and login your acc in this looking glass screen. As far as i know Tribot connects osbuddy through proxy you selected in Tribot loader screen. So you'll login to game through the proxy.
  6. depends on mining level. its like 325k/h at 99 mining.
  7. Thanks for the great script @Aropupu I can't tell you enough how this script is flawless, works like a charm.
  8. Following servers are now DMM worlds and script need to be updated to avoid them: 311 - 312 - 313 - 319 - 320 - 321 - 338 - 357 - 359 - 360 - 374 - 378 @Tri
  9. Thanks for the update. @Usa But what about the gate bug: can anyone confirm if the gate bug is fixed ? @neek3ri
  10. rvqx

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    and i just realized my auth. has expired, its working fine now
  11. rvqx

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    i have same issue even i don't use LG. @erickho123 it stops immediately upon start. Cleint and bot debug shows nothing.