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  1. Look again.... There are stats blurred out lol
  2. I used this script from 60/60/1 to 99/99/99 is what I'm saying. Never had any problems. Just finished maxing on 10/23
  3. I don't understand everyone having all these issues. The script is 100% flawless you guys are obviously doing something wrong. I didn't get a max main with a broken script.
  4. you were banned for botting at flesh crawlers...NEVER bot there. that is a VERY VERY well known botted area to jagex and has been for awhile now. as well as any legit player there will 100% report you so it's like saying "please ban me"
  5. nope i always get perma bans i never get lucky like everyone else and get a 2 day....@toofstah, jagex mods can make themselves invisible if you didn't know, so you won't see anybody watching you
  6. I ran it everyday from when I woke up at 5am (before work) until I went to bed. I NEVER ran it when I was sleeping overnight.
  7. i used dharoks the entire time
  8. Just now I finished a maxed main. 100% botted, so ladies and gentlemen botting is FAR FROM DEAD!
  9. @erickho123 AMAZING AND FLAWLESS SCRIPT! Maxed out my main with your script! 0 bans and no problems at all! I suggest anyone looking to max out a main to buy this script now, YOU WONT REGRET IT!
  10. It takes around 3-4 weeks give or take depending on how long you bot per day.
  11. Best script on tribot for maxing out mains period. Just wanted to say thanks @erickho123 for this flawless amazing script. I achieved 99 attack and 99 str so far. All that's left is defense.
  12. i got 2 credits how much you willing to pay each?
  13. @erickho123 my signature still doesn't work. any ETA on when it will be fixed? or can you manually add me to your database so it will work? thanks a lot buddy