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  1. Looking to buy it all for around ~1.22/M Add my skype wixled to discuss
  2. wixl


    This happened to me as well.... http://imgur.com/nZfXSK0
  3. The script won't repair the pouches using npc contact via lunars properly. It withdraws the runes, contacts NPC selects the proper npc, but as soon as the first dialog opens with dark mage it exits it, withdraws more runes, and repeats the whole process again. @erickho123
  4. The login bot and pin bot are having a ton of issues, for me at least.
  5. just use teamviewer?
  6. Does this mean we can use resizeable? Also, there's a bug when the bank pin delay is set and it won't bank properly.
  7. Getting a refund is a nightmare from them, they have the worst support ever!
  8. wixl

    Best Bank Organizations

    If it's missing the item, skip it or have it replace with the next one on the list ?
  9. wixl

    Best Bank Organizations

    If I gave you a picture of a bank layout, could you make it happen by using id's to copy the item arrangement?
  10. wixl

    Best Bank Organizations

    Haha beter than mine
  11. wixl

    Best Bank Organizations

    I feel you, someone needs to make a script to do it for you
  12. wixl

    Best Bank Organizations

    Don't really care if you do or don't lmao.
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