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  1. The very first time I ran it, it worked fine. I then restarted it again, it asked for a host and a few moments later went into my house (thought it was some anti ban at first). Then after that, it just sits there asking for a host. I'll screen shot it when I get back home. On my way to work now. but yes, I've restarted it several times
  2. just sits at the gate asking for a host, when I've selected to use my own altar... (didnt put in a host name nor check the box).
  3. The lighting burners in own home is still a issue, however, I've been running it flawlessly without burning the candles for days (yes I know that I am losing exp and money, but oh well). Almost 93 prayer. xCode is great and very helpful, added me on skype in an attempt to solve the issue with the burners, still waiting. I'm not too worried about it since I'll be 99 prayer relatively soon, but it would be a nice fix for future users.
  4. been running it for over an hour now, without lighting incense and its working flawless... however, im losing like 60exp per bone
  5. just did it again for a 3rd time... i think the click speed is like too high or something. itll click on the other burner once, and as the character walks to it and starts to burn it, it clicks again, causing it to use 2 marrs
  6. just bought the script been running it for a little while and the same issue occurred twice already. I'm using my own altar and lighting my incense. I'm walking method. It'll walk into the house, mis click the west incense, click on the east incense and light it twice, causing it to run out of marrentill. then it will go back to the west incense and sit there cause its out of marrentills in inventory... happened twice already, around 100 bones buried
  7. TO HOUSE: (Option?) Servant TO BANK: (Option?) Servant TABLET: (Option?) House Teleport USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: (True/False) No, own house USE SERVANT: (True/False) True Issue(s) Experienced: (Information) The inventory has 4 spots filled (law rune, earth rune, money, and made tablets) It will ask the butler for 26 more soft clay. The butler returns and you take 24 clay, leaving the butler with 2 clay. It will make 24 tablets and then occassionally it will click on the lecture again, even though it didnt get the remaining 2 soft clay from the demon butler. And it gets stuck in the tablet making menu, while the bot says "talking to demon butler", but it can't talk to him because it is in the tablet menu. Can we get like a failsafe? After like 10 seconds of not making a tablet in the tablet menu, just exit the tablet menu... Picture: (Image)
  8. same issue that I am having Simon, posted a bug report... SOmetimes won't invite and then other times it stays in the NMZ arena
  9. Verison number: Combat / Selling Mode?: Selling Description of the bug: There are 2 issues I am having now... 1st issue is that it periodically will not invite a person, every now and then it will trade as it always does and then not invite the person, just says "inviting so and so." After the default time, it fires them and adds a blackmark for no reason... 2nd issue, which i posted a track for is... after starting the game and after the invited player gets into the game, the bot won't sometimes leave the nightmare, instead it just runs around until it dies... GUI settings, picture only: Print script stack trace: (To do this, when the bug OCCURS, ONLY WHEN IT OCCURS or while it's occuring, you should go on top tribot, and you will see "Script", Press that then go to "Print script stack trace", this should print something to your client debug. Copy and paste whatever it prints (Should be more than 2+ lines) to this field) [09:03:05] Script Stack Trace:[09:03:05] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method)[09:03:05] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(kf:78)[09:03:05] org.tribot.api.Timing.waitCondition(oi:38)[09:03:05] scripts.nmz2.b.pb.h(NMZSelling.java:703)[09:03:05] scripts.nmz2.b.pb.m(NMZSelling.java:52)[09:03:05] scripts.nmz2.ExNightmareZone.run(ExNightmareZone.java:238)[09:03:05] java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Additional information: I had to quit using the script because people were starting to think that I was scamming them, began happening more frequently [12:06:42] Script Stack Trace:[12:06:42] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method)[12:06:42] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(kf:78)[12:06:42] scripts.utils.h.y.e(ABC.java:130)[12:06:42] scripts.nmz2.b.pb.h(NMZSelling.java:715)[12:06:42] scripts.nmz2.b.pb.m(NMZSelling.java:52)[12:06:42] scripts.nmz2.ExNightmareZone.run(ExNightmareZone.java:238)[12:06:42] java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  10. It seems that every now and then it doesn't invite a person? I dont know if its just me or what... Just says, "inviting person" but doesnt invite
  11. Seems that the script isn't working anymore after this update... Won't buy games or deposit money in coffer
  12. well... I have finally reached 99 herblore using this script. With a lot of baby sitting, the script works fine. Just glad the 99 herblore journey is over with lol
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