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  1. Broflex

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Awesome, thanks. I have died twice though, not really sure why. Might be because I am having it bank when I have a small amount of food remaining? Do you have any fail safes for deaths or is it just up to trial and error to find out the optimal food settings?
  2. Broflex

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    I was using Cup's of tea with ABC eating, maybe the script doesn't support that?
  3. Broflex

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Client is in fixed mode, zoomed all the way out, roofs disabled. I restarted Tribot and allowed it to load to login three times. I start it in the Wintertodt bank with tinderbox and axe in the inventory and it just sits in the bank with the status "Waiting for status". No errors in the bot/client debug.
  4. Broflex

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Does this script still work? Using the trial now and it just exits Wintertodt and stays at "Exiting Wintertodt" status forever.
  5. Still having issues alching. EDIT: Restarting the client a few times helped, working now. [10:09:42] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:29:59 [10:39:58] Ending script, you have no [Ljava.lang.String;@7e6f8bdc [10:40:07] Break Handler: Break ended. [10:40:09] stopping script because of out of items in bank [10:40:11] Runtime: 01 H 44 M 33 S [10:40:11] Total xp gained: 86710
  6. [18:59:14] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:17:55 [19:17:28] java.lang.NullPointerException [19:17:28] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.m(AIOABCL2.java:8133) [19:17:28] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.run(AIOABCL2.java:2188) [19:17:28] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [19:17:30] Break Handler: Break ended. Breaks when logging back in off of a break when alching.
  7. I don't remember off the top of my head, but I initially allowed all connections and created a profile. I left the bot for 30 minutes, went to class for the day, and came back to it asking me to allow another connection, I think it had something to do with paint or something? If you message me a list of the domain names that your script asks to allow connections for, I can probably recognize it if you want to know for sure which one it was. Also seems to be getting stuck "Dropping Junk" using shift drop and when I click "Stop script", it doesn't actually stop.
  8. Used the trial for 30 minutes, came back to it asking to allow a connection which I already allowed. Spent 3 hours logging in and out, account is prob banned. Thanks for that.
  9. Script has issues alching. It alchs fine, but when it logs in after a break and trys to alch again there is an error saying something like "you are out of item Java.string.nullPointer exception" or something like that. It alchs perfectly, goes on break, logs back in, then stops working.
  10. I set up the script to buying customizable rumble hard, but it always buys the last bought game, no matter what it was. It kept buying regular "rumble hard" until I manually bought the customizable rumble and went into the NMZ and started the script. Any ideas on how to fix this? Nevermind, now that the last run was the custom one, the script is working.
  11. Scripts works well, however, two issues. When set to "attack portals" it gets to some of the portal by opening the gate. It doesn't bother to close the gate, which causes the knight in the middle to take more damage. Could you add a feature so that the gate is closed if it is opened? I have seen multiple people get pissed at me while watching the bot, luckily I was able to respond. If I wasn't there I would have probably got reported. The second issue is that when it is set to "defend knight" it will click on monster behind closed gates, so either it goes all the way around from an open gate to get to the monster (if one is open) or it just runs at the wall and does nothing. My suggestion would be to either remove this feature (avoid having it click outside of the gates) or have to move to attack a portal if there aren't any monsters around the knight. Also, it seems to attack brawlers. I don't think that the script should target them, since they are fairly difficult to kill and useless in the end.
  12. Can't seem to get the bot to curse at Monk of Zamorak. I make sure to update the current tile that im on, select spell book casting, and put "Monk of Zamorak" as my target. The bot starts, and the status just says "casting" but it doesn't do anything. The last output from the console is "calculating item prices". How would I fix this?
  13. Can't seem to get it set up at lumbridge for shrimps. Status of the script just says "Attempting to Fish"
  14. Yea, I should have checked, but it said there was an error with Paypal, so I just assumed the payment didn't go through. If it was a little bit of cash I wouldn't really care, but $20 is a good chunk of change and I really don't the credits, hopefully somebody can help me out.