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  1. From what I've gathered botting for personal gain(gp) seems to come with a higher ban rate than botting for an actual account(xp) I'm currently building a main after quitting for a few months, botting MTA to get my Mage up - little bit worried because it earns quite abit of gp just gotta be careful with how you bot especially since Zul'rah is one of the highest gp/hr methods..
  2. I like how people try to bash people for trying something new, personally I wish you the best of luck, don't let arrogant self-centred people get you down
  3. I had a similar problem like this, I just reformatted my PC and I haven't had the issue since, do this and you'll be fine
  4. Any idea's how to fix this? ><
  5. Thank you Butta, I'll probably make an achievement post once I hit 100m (: Glad I haven't been banned yet been banned once on the account last November does that get quashed after a year @Butta?
  6. Everybody has problem with Agility bot bar me not sure why, I don't bot level 3's I always make sure the account has various stats/quests completed - makes it way less bot-like imo woke up this morning to see it hasn't been banned yet, feels glorious
  7. So the past 6 months I've been using an Agility bot, been botting 10-12hours daily currently over 70m XP in it - went to an event last night and forgot to turn off bot >< woke up this morning with like 26hour session, am I just hoping on luck to avoid a ban? :<
  8. Jesus this is taking a while now ><
  9. @swagg well I tested it earlier no joys, just tries to attack different chickens - can you have a look at it? Tis the only script I've got to get me that 94 mage with barely any bank cost
  10. @swagg still down...? Surely no other combat bots are down otherwise they'd be like so many forum posts about it so it can't be a combat hooks problem as you say? However I have no scripting experience so Let me know what's going on with it, trying to splash account to 94 haven't been able to do much since this script went down over a week ago(89 atm ;D) Thanks.
  11. @swagg this broken again because of update yesterday? I haven't used before yesterday because it still wasn't working... so just wondering when this script will actually be fully functional again as I'm using this for one account and it's just wasting membership atm let me know, thanks.
  12. @swagg as soon as I wrote the message I was like hurpdurp it's Thursday ;D Thanks for reply anyways though - will wait for fix =)
  13. @swagg just tries to attack multiple of the same enemy for example I'd be splashing a Chicken and it'd try to attack another one over and over again... nothing in the log so can't give you much.
  14. @peglegosrs currently at over 60m xp using this script 10-12hours a day if you need any help regarding settings feel free to pm me for my Skype I'll give you as much help as I can this script pays for my RS Membership for a few accounts and gives me bank to do with whatever I please @Aropupu can't really thank you enough for this script <3
  15. Currently botting 10-12hours a day using Aropupu's script, roughly rank 27 in Agility this isn't why you was banned either alter your settings using the script for example I make it hop worlds if someone talks to me and I have private off so I can't be traced - over 60m xp botted, 10-12hours a day and you get banned after 1hour? Naaa m8