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  1. Hi im just wondering are the ban rates with this script high? is it still having bugs?
  2. @Tri the bot was working fine last night and when to start it up all it did was walk to the spot and then walk to bank. Tried restarting the client. Re logging. Changing some settings. Changing spots. Nothing. It also does this with your AIO combat bot. Was there a rs update?
  3. Just kept logging in and out even though it strung some yew longbows. Did not realize it was doing it for over an hour. Any idea?
  4. this is making me nervous, because just yesterday my account was logged into when i closed my laptop to see a movie (client still opened when i closed). come back to log in and it says my account is logged in. Are there free scripts that are going to try and steal my info for account? Im getting really worried especially when i payed for the bot.
  5. I just changed my password, havnt downloaded anything else but this bot. What is going on...
  6. didnt do, now its saying invalid username/password...
  7. Normally my client has my information saved. I opened my client and it didnt have it preloaded. So i loaded my information in and it wouldnt load up. Tried resetting password and said that maximum number of attempts have passed. Reset password again, what should i do?
  8. @daxmagex I know there are tutorials on how to do the walking to locations and everything but is there a way you can make a video for s step by step on how to do it? Or is it going to be a trail and error thing for me? I want to do moss giants north of ardy. Chaos druids. SoF. Green drags and more. Please help =)
  9. @TRiLeZ I became VIP-Extended for human mouse movements. Is there something I still need to complete?
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