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  1. Good work! Glad to see how far everything has come over the years
  2. Right which is why I am reporting this as a bug. You should be able to extend a class that has Arguments and still be able to use it without re-implementing it. The same happens for other interfaces too, like Ending and sometimes Starting. Seems hit or miss for Starting as it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.
  3. I have found a weird issue with the Arguments interface (and might effect other Script interfaces). If I have an abstract script class that has the Arguments interface on it then I extend that class, the passArguments is never called. Below is an example since it can be shown easier than explained. My Abstract Class import org.tribot.script.Script; import org.tribot.script.interfaces.Arguments; public abstract class AbstractScript extends Script implements Arguments { } The extending class package scripts.com.mjmfighter.tribot.framework; import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest; import java.util.HashMap; @ScriptManifest(category = "Tools", name = "RealScript", authors = "mjmfighter") public class RealScript extends AbstractScript { @Override public void run() { } @Override public void passArguments(HashMap<String, String> hashMap) { println("Arguments passed"); // Never Called! } }
  4. Good call. I am running Java 8 u231 and OSBuddy and have no issues.
  5. Works fine for me on Windows 10. What Java versions have you tried and what client are you trying to connect it to?
  6. Are you meaning to use RSObject.getAnimablePosition()? Or would just getPosition work better in the first if statement. Not sure what animable position of a silk stall would be Also your "Lol" log will never happen. You are searching for objects within 2 distance of you. Then your first if statement checks if there is any objects and if they are closer than 6 distance away. Since you already filtered the objects to 2 distance away, this if should fire and the else if statement will never happen. There will never be any objects further away than 6 as you do not search for them that far away.
  7. Wow have things have changed around here. Congrats on all the success TRiLeZ, staff, and community. But Hello everyone, I am mjmfighter. I was here a long long time ago when TriBot was just starting out. Took a long break, but have recently starting playing/botting again and decided to come back here. Hope to see some familiar faces, and meet some new ones along the way!
  8. Sorry for the inactivity. I currently can't work on the script as I do not have internet (currently on a wifi connection somewhere). My Internet company also refuses to fix my internet at home, so I'm kinda out of luck till something happens. Sorry again. Once I get internet again I will update the script.
  9. Updated to 1.6 (Thanks TheBat!): Shows duplicate textures on paint.
  10. I have had shitty internet the past 3 weeks... still have shitty internet. Once its all better (soon hopefully), I will be trying to get on more and kicking all the other mods and admins to get in there as well to chat it up with people.
  11. It allows for a nice display of every texture on the client. The one built into the client can be hard to read at times, while this one allows you to search through each texture and get all the data for them as well. It just provides an easier way for script writers to find textures that they can use in their script
  12. No need to download it anymore. The script is now on the repository!
  13. The texture explorer is now on the repository
  14. Go for it. Don't know what you mean by text support, but by all means add whatever you want.
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