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  1. Sorry for the inactivity. I currently can't work on the script as I do not have internet (currently on a wifi connection somewhere). My Internet company also refuses to fix my internet at home, so I'm kinda out of luck till something happens. Sorry again. Once I get internet again I will update the script.
  2. Updated to 1.6 (Thanks TheBat!): Shows duplicate textures on paint.
  3. I have had shitty internet the past 3 weeks... still have shitty internet. Once its all better (soon hopefully), I will be trying to get on more and kicking all the other mods and admins to get in there as well to chat it up with people.
  4. It allows for a nice display of every texture on the client. The one built into the client can be hard to read at times, while this one allows you to search through each texture and get all the data for them as well. It just provides an easier way for script writers to find textures that they can use in their script
  5. There is even a better tool that I created here: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/26632-mjtextureexplorer/ Its also in the repo
  6. No need to download it anymore. The script is now on the repository!
  7. Teamspeak server is back online!
  8. The texture explorer is now on the repository
  9. Go for it. Don't know what you mean by text support, but by all means add whatever you want.
  10. MjTextureExplorer Download: Compiled: MjTextureExplorer.zip Source: MjTextureExplorerSource.zip
  11. Thanks! Yay us!!!
  12. Features: Power Mining M1D1 Banking Supports all ores at given locations Paint 6-hour bypass Anti-Inventory items (destroys crackers, clicks spin tokens) Locations: Varrock East Varrock West Rimmington Yanille (Port Khazard) Mining Guild (still buggy) Instructions: Download compiled version of script Place the compiled version of the script in your tribot scripts folder. Start script while at a supported mine or nearby bank Todo: Improve stats Add more locations Suggestions? Version History: v0.9: initial release To download: On Repo! Compiled: MjMinerCompiled.zip Source: MjMinerSource.zip Licence:
  13. Making an AIO Miner!!! woot woot!
  14. Approved for premium use.
  15. Hi, can you please check here https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10168-my-tribot-vip-account-has-been-stolen/ my VIP account has been stolen. Thanks in advance

    1. qsyf


      how can i skype with you for a vip walk through