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  1. I have botten a main account. It's cb 115 and i did it in like 7 months. it has 3 99's, all combat skills. I did mainly use free scripts, premium are better. Keep this in mind. I did not use looking glass since it crashed frequently when i used it. Do not bot for more than 6 hours a day, also try to switch up activities. For example 2 hours rock crabs, 2 hours fishing, 2 hours woodcutting. I also played legit. I recommend you to do this. Activities like PVP, bossing, questing, minigames etc. When u use a script for the first time go watch it for like 15 minutes. Make sure it doesn't act weird. Choose another script if it does so. Do not bot any money making methods. Try to avoid popular botting locations/activities. Like green dragons..
  2. Just got a moderate ban, this script is the only one i used since a while. I don't understand how i got caught, i didnt change anything in my routine, i botted nmz for like 5 days a week for 4-5 hours a day. I will retire from botting on this account since it is my main. I never got banned before and i bot on 3 accounts. People be carefull, this is a quality script but maybe jagex has upgraded their bot detectors. I wanna thank erickho nevertheless, His script got me 90 attack, 97 str, 87 def and 99 ranged. Wish i could have used it to get maxed, but unfortunately i wont.
  3. Do hard mode, and dont expect more than 80k an hour at that level. at 90+ u might get cloose to 100k an hour. ( i got 99 ranged with same gear)
  4. Why the hassle if the outcome is similar?
  5. If they were to own the company they could just spawn gold aswell....
  6. ^^ EXACTLY, I got 93-98 ranged in 5 days with blowpipe, 105-115k ranged xp an hour.
  7. I used sigma magic for stun alching in yanille, got me 85-99 magic.
  8. Pest control or grand exchange are the best. Some people do it upstairs a random house so no one sees you, but if one dos, it looks very suspicious.
  9. It is max 2 weeks. I believe a Jmod said it once...
  10. What is your prayer level?
  11. Do not bot on an account you don't wan to lose, But i think the chances are small since it is not money making.
  12. You didn't read the thread, right?
  13. Change your bank pin?
  14. Yup, but they will rise again. And the price of blowpipe has risen aswell. Still great the price dropped..