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  1. Would you say that doing normal cyclops (rune defenders) is still safe atm?
  2. Hello, Just received my first ban ever after using this script for years on several accounts. I have only received a 2 day ban though, but still want to thank you for making this beautiful script. Last proggy I have:
  3. Its fixed
  4. Happened to me too.
  5. Since I had to restart Tribot for an update, The script stopped working. Everything is ok, until it tries to enter the cyclops place. Missclicks the door i think.
  6. Ghouls or bandits.
  7. Heres a 2 hour proggy with 57-73-60 Using Rune scim and no potions Doing pretty good, I like it.
  8. What gear are you using for ranged? And which bolts/arrows/knives?
  9. Love the script, started with 40 strength in this proggy/
  10. Do you use a VPS? And at what levels did u start botting fight caves? And you're using Prospector's fight cave script correct?
  11. Sold me one, Went great and fast Thanks!
  12. Damn nice, At what stats did you start doing fightcaves?
  13. Hey man, did you use VPS? and at what levels should i start doing fightcaves? Thanks