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  1. You need to be a VIP extended user for the human mouse data encryption key to load... it costs $2 more @Darkfarm420
  2. thetopgun33

    IP Flagged

    you are most certainly ip flagged, use a proxy. They flag mine all the time, run a proxy if you want to lessen your chances of being banned upgrade to vip for the human mouse movement and using looking glass.
  3. do you have an eta? because at this point the script is becoming more are more buggy, i can't even get 1 hr out of it without it getting stuck. in the bank, stuck looting, stuck going east, it's getting bad...
  4. For people wanting to purchase this script here are the problems with it that i've encountered in 3 days : Only teleports with varrock tabs no glory or ring of duelling/ games necklace support It still uses the looting bag even if you have the looting bag turned off Also doesn't eat when it banks so it stays around half health all the time When using the looting bag it takes priority over eating and can get you killed The bot gets stuck a lot, at the bank, logging in, the bot even forgets to attack the green dragons, and it forgets where it is. I haven't been able to seriously run it over 2 hours straight without faults <--- i'm very disappointed DIES A LOT !!!!!!! Uses all the food in the inventory and when you're at the graveyard dragons if a bot pker logs in can easily kill the bot because no glory support : (you're in 24 wilderness) My personal opinion i wouldn't purchase this until there is a big update.... But there isn't all bad with it, the anti player killing system in it is about flawless The script has good potential And it still kills a decent bit of dragons but you have to babysit
  5. Do not trust this bot, had all my things on my account stolen. including 12m cash a dragon axe, 2 party hat sets and 2 Christmas crackers.
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