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  1. Awesome customer support you have buddy, Accepts my payment one day, the next day says no saying I have to wait 10 hours, When he has the stock.
  2. Jumping to offer a 3-10m service with little risk seem's pretty good to build reputation. Just my opinion
  3. Title no bank pin is needed just need supplies for the cape. Pm
  4. Just made a 12 hour proggie with 3 kills, idle'd at sacrifice boat for 12 hours and perm banned after 1 day. GG 50M and $20 for the script lewl
  5. Got 99 prayer with this in like 4 days, Thanks mate.
  6. Just achieved 99 prayer on my 1 def pure.
  7. I believe its going something to do with the position of the altar/screen angle as I was in a host house it was working fine, changed host and It started porting again.
  8. Was going to buy until I used the trial and it use all my yanille tabs for 1 run lol
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