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  1. Not necessarily, a lot of people including me ran it on multiple accounts + not all my zulrah kills are botted ofc if you got all your kills using zulrah and are only botting one account you would be an easier target however The HS probably could've been manipulated in some way by weath to narrow his targets down however Each time you get a kill the highscores updates automatically, same with deaths, if weath somehow used this to his advantage it would've narrowed his target down to a certain group of players (us) that synchronized with each kill and death + loot
  2. Lmao, close enough to admitting it, I'll take it
  3. You're doing it again, you're not "lying". You know that the majority of ban related posts are deleted no matter whether they are constructive or not, the official stance is obviously not held up by all mods, or at least the one moderating this thread, and you can not admit it.
  4. Don't lie and attempt to hide the obvious truth, ALL posts related to bans are deleted. why? the scripter would lose out on sales, fair enough, but don't insult our intelligence and treat us like children with a BS response. My post was deleted despite responding/reporting about the teleport bug reported by a user that also happened to me last night, resulting in me idling for hours, funnily enough my acc was banned later on this morning, are they related? possibly. is it constructive to the thread and helpful to other botters? Yes However it was deleted, as this post is also likely to be.
  5. Fuhrer Weath is back today and apparently has a 4k ban count already today, people are asking him about zulrah bots on Twitter also bot safely, however much you botted the past couple weeks should probably be cut down, this script is still somewhat exclusive so let's not ruin it
  6. woah buddy, over 2100 with 0 tanz fangs, thank god this isnt ironman
  7. ahh yes, front page on things to note is a good idea
  8. Have caught the bot sitting inside clan wars idleing after using up all the ring of duel teleports a few times now pretty sure it is caused by starting the bot with a ring of duel in your inventory, the bot eventually bugs after x amount of kills and repeat teleports to clanwars after running to portal, it gets stuck in idle after the ring breaks or it runs to the bank and restocks and the bot runs fine again
  9. yeah..i also got a mutagen under 1k kc and now im over 1.2k and still haven't gotten a single tanz fang i've gotten literally like 16 magic fangs though lmao
  10. it's probably been brought up already but I catch the bot running running to clan wars portal after finishing a trip then teleporting back to clanwars over and over again until the ring breaks, has happened many times
  11. Go to your .tribot folder and delete the Equipment setups in the script then save the gear setups again, happened to me when i first used the script
  12. out of curiosity, when and how much do you bot per day? 8 hours is a long while especially if you do that regularly however you're ranked 2 on the hiscores so have lasted for a while I avoid botting during 8am-6pm UK time
  13. Noticed that the bot gets stuck behind the clan wars bank chest occasionally, it eventually fixes itself but not after misclicking on the bank (roof of bank) for a little while great script though, hopin i can slide by fuhrer weath and bot happily
  14. i checked the link spelling everything looked on point
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