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  1. I need someone to take one of my accounts and complete dream mentor. I need one of my accounts to complete dream mentor AND ALL THE REQUIREMENTS FOR IT. I need all of these quest complete also: Lunar Diplomacy Eadgar's Ruse Lost City The Fremennik Trials Rune Mysteries Shilo Village Druidic Ritual I also need all of the skill requirements done: 61 Crafting 40 Defence 49 Firemaking 31 Herblore 65 Magic 60 Mining 55 Woodcutting 32 Agility 30 Theiving 43 prayer I will provide everything needed to get these skill leveled up and I will also provide all of the items needed for the quests. I am willing to pay a lot of money for this so if you are interested please pm me.
  2. Give me an good idea, if i'm interested ill try to make the script.
  3. More days for vip?
  4. two xeon e5 2630. It's under $600 for each.$ $1200 for the cpu's and $450 for the mobo Going under $2000 will but a stretch, but eh you'll have 16 cores running at 2.7 ghz. You can overclock as well.
  5. i thought you were, but i wasn't sure Yeah better to be safe than sorry, i would only use lg after a rs update cuz you never know when they want to detect the client again. Do you mean my 20k osrs gp
  6. Lol, i'll stop. Goodluck!
  7. LG only makes a difference if JAGEX ever wants to detect the tribot client, otherwise it makes NO difference whats so ever.
  8. I'll be interested, if you need help just pm me. Otherwise goodluck.
  9. Some parts are. Been 2 weeks and still no updates, i even posted on his other thread. Terrible service.
  10. Any updates on our AIO orb crafter? Been 2 weeks since i reported the bug and no replies.
  11. I like a custom account made. I pmed you my skype so we can talk about it
  12. Until these bugs gets fixed, i wouldn't recommend this script. Other than that this script runs very fast and smooth. The descriptions of the bugs are below.
  13. The bot is drinking the stamina potion twice at once and when it dies it just stays at lumbridge
  14. I want a personal one; lower chance of getting banned
  15. Request: A script that loot things on the ground in the wilderness Description: pick valuable items on the ground in the wilderness 318 Payment Amount: We can talk about the price on skype Time: within a week Additional: pm your skype