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  1. Sure will send it on later when back currently connected remotely from work
  2. Have an issue with the bot doing the same right click and dancing in the left hand corner very frequently, something to do with before it manages to use rock cake before moving mouse off screen.
  3. looking glass worked before no problem, reinstalled everything again a few months later exact same settings on same computer harcware + OS and not working anymore.
  4. reinstalling tribot and runelite jar exact same settings i used a long time ago for looking glass and had no problem with, however now am facing same issues mentioned above. tried all variations in troubleshooting but no luck this time around.
  5. Thanks for the info, I've experimented with up to 200 delay and it may have the smallest difference in xp/hour at that extreme. No difference at around 100 as far as I can see. Thanks for all the help Naton, I think you've answered all queries I could possibly have and implemented everything I wanted in the script. Going to go quiet now and try max an account doing this at about 6-8hours a day with random variance and breaks. Hope to achieve this project as credit to your script's capabilities. Thanks and regards.
  6. Hi Naton and happy new year to you. You'll be happy to hear I have absolutely nothing to suggest, you absolutely nailed this script with them last few updates and I'm delighted to be supporting you. Sorry if you consider this notification spam, I was just wondering if you could suggest and explain how paint delay works? Is it dependent on the script in question and how intensive it is? Could you suggest a maximum paint delay for your script for me if it is dependent on it? Does the paint delay affect the efficiency of the script in any way? After this, I will probably have nothing to say for a while because you've been absolutely killing it with the updates and support for this. Thanks and regards, Louis.
  7. Used the script since all the new updates and it's completely streamlined what was already a solid foundation with all these new customizable features. Such a massive improvement how they all integrate together and it's all working just like how I thought those suggestions I came up with a few hours ago would work before Naton then implemented it. It's a good day for crab killing.
  8. Naton, you've outdone yourself again. I thought I was tripping myself out when the new stuff appeared after I momentarily restarted the client for an unrelated reason and I came on here to check. I would happily pay twice as much as I am now for what you're providing to us. I'll forever recommend this script and look forward to seeing where this goes in the coming year. I can't thank you enough.
  9. Fantastic, eagerly awaiting this update. After that, I don't know what you can up to improve it further, but I'm sure you'll find a way regardless. Making excellent progress towards multiple 99s already with reasonable hours thanks to this, I hope to go the full way and offer as much helpful feedback to you as possible in that time. Thanks and regards.
  10. Hi Naton, firstly thanks for how attentive you are to this script. I have used many premium scripts in my time but never have I seen a scripter care offer as good customer service as you. Suggestions: On the southernmost crab spot(closest to bank chest) on fossil island, the bot currently runs directly west into the forest for aggression reset. I believe running directly south towards the bank chest should be quicker . Another suggestion; Setting a stray crab tile radius to attack. Currently, we are very susceptible to a crab activating but de-aggroing through either our own reset or other players running through the area. The bot will only attack one of these crabs once they have all been activated but not aggressive and will then settle for one crab within the time threshold. They eventually reset but it leads to a dramatic loss in xp/hour. You seem to have a radius set up for roaming, whilst the attack crabs if we haven't been in combat for a while option seems to be less precise and less automated in comparison. Could you set a similar customizable tile radius stray crab attack option that will attack these crabs quicker if they fall within the custom set tiles? Thanks for this wonderful script and your support. Happy holidays and regards.
  11. Really great update. The bot does so little with the even more customizable settings now, with reasonable hours alongside this AFK-style and LG, I don't know how you can even do enough to get flagged and banned. Thanks for the immediate responses and quick updates, you could totally be charging more for all of this(although I am delighted you don't.) Would you care to recommend which combination of settings to include/omit and why? I am experimenting with what I think should replicate an AFK player the best but I would like to know what you/others can suggest and theorize as to why such a setting(s) should be considered.
  12. Yes it would, well the less the bot has to do the better for a lower ban rate then. I relent on my suggestion
  13. I'm curious about your rationale behind this thinking. Is it because you want this bot to behave more towards behavior from an AFK player? The bot really replicates that behavior and I'm fully satisfied with its performance in that regard. Thank you for the immediate response as always.
  14. Would you consider adding special attacks? I read a comment you wrote previously about them but at the moment we are losing out on a lot of potential HP and added xp per hour using the blowpipe.
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