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  1. wow nice mate
  2. I actually have an item thats pretty cheap and very cheap its like 150 loss, but i wont leak it since im making a pure and im planning to get 94 mage with that item
  3. Thats the question now, isn't it?
  4. guys is demon the better way for pures with absorb method? because in the corner with mtd all the monsters hit at the same time and it drains my absorb real fast...
  5. sold me 6 credits, thanks for being an awesome overall service
  6. Well the real question is am i allowed or not. Also contrary to your belief the house edge is only 0.50% unlike these absolute scam rs dicing sites with 5%, i'v done some gambling on these sites and their provably fair feature and low edge makes them the most ideal bet.
  7. Are we allowed to have affiliate links in our signature? This link would be to a well known btc dicing site with my referral. Iv seen this practice with gold selling sites but i haven't spotted any for a while now, thanks for answering.
  8. I used to get auto switched to those worlds before, but im not so sure now because most of my bans are manual
  9. Hey erick just a simple suggestion, perhaps this has been addressed before but you could use keys to interact with the dream seller and coffer, it would be way faster and more human like. You are by far my favorite scripter out there, thanks for all your scripts.
  10. buy the zulrah killer script, bot 24/7, get banned, make up bullshit about needing test accounts for your own scripts, get accounts, bot 24/7, get banned. You understand where i'm going with this? please someone ask this guy some basic java to prove my point.
  11. You can never know, besides you are making accusations based on nothing.
  12. i use vps cheap, the 4core ssd vps with 4gb ram with no connection issues lets me run 6 accounts, i used it for about 4 months and each month. it costs 28$ but for first time users "wink" its 50% off so i take advantage of that . I don't remember dcing once since I joined it... I recommend it to anyone. btw it's not the one in my link
  13. this isn't allowed. either way no one would pay for this.