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  1. Buying 25$ BTC worth of cannonballs, add me on skype if you can sell me cannonballs: bryan.bruyns
  2. Personally I have had this script for a long time and alot of spots are working perfectly. It does not support custom spots but as far as I know it does support most/all spots, even does f2p lobsters on karamja with banking.
  3. Not sure what is going wrong at your bots then, and fyi I'm not banking any trout/salmon.
  4. Just want to let you know your script is running as perfect as ever. 15 mins of fishing with a 4 minutes break in between running for 54 hours straight no errors.
  5. Pm me for 190 ea if you still have, or add my skype bryan.bruyns
  6. Stop crying like a baby, I have been 100+ dry and now I have had 3 phats in 1 day, just keep going.
  7. Selling multiple still unlisted spots, some with requirements some without. Add me on skype if you have any questions. bryan.bruyns
  8. Selling a spot not added to any list, not able to get for new lvl 3'ers (requires a certain skill). Add me on skype bryan.bruyns