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  1. myrsnickname

    [ABC2] Taverly Blue Dragon Killer [120-400k/hr] [Low reqs]

    It works pretty good but, if possible, making it able to hide the paint would be great!
  2. myrsnickname

    xPest Control [ABCL10] [Point Spending]

    pretty good but I think that special attack should be optional. See, as some weapons have certain requirements for special attacking, whenever the bot tris to special attack, the character just stands and gets hit.
  3. I just bought this script, and well, it isn't working. At least not with fire runes... the exact moment is when it walks it's way to the bank to deposite the runes, but it doesn't bank. It gets to the bank and it stays still , with the script status "Walking To Bank"
  4. never mind, found the problem.. I was playing it with the other screen size option of OS("the game client expands to fill the window")
  5. i just bought this script and when a I started it in Karamja with banking, it fullfilled the backpack but when it comes to the banking, it doesnt work, the script just walks randomly
  6. I cant find a single script to fish and bank in karanja..