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  1. Pm me before commencing any transaction. My skype is: Live:jprecar2 I wish to sell the whole 85m or in two parts (45m/40m). I will wait for 1 confirmation before trading.
  2. I need 7 credits for 7m, Pm me please.
  3. Im filling out the doc, where can I see payment history for VIP? All i have is my script history. I bought vip the same day as my hunter script so. @Todd
  4. I got 1 code for you reply on skype.
  5. I didn't get mine, even though I had vip during the outage earlier this year.
  6. Yes I indeed was using the f2p path, I have roofs disabled. Maybe it was that bug what was causing it i'll get back to you if it happens again.
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