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  1. Phat Shock

    [ P ] Script Request | Quick

    Paying for someone to make me a simple script. Please respond/message me on TriBot or come to my discord https://discord.gg/HK759H and join the channel titled "Private script" I've paid several premium scriptwriters such as Druid and Worthy to make me complex Private scripts in the past.
  2. Is there a way to control the advertisement message it uses?
  3. Phat Shock

    Tribot client hackers?

    Something similar happened to me not sure how, in the meantime it sounds like you've added the authenticator, I would also add authenticator to your email.
  4. Phat Shock

    TRiBot clients all failed, "Ran out of memory" Error

    Oh God... Any advice man would be greatly appreciated..
  5. Phat Shock

    TRiBot clients all failed, "Ran out of memory" Error

    ^this. closing them was a painful process
  6. Phat Shock

    TRiBot clients all failed, "Ran out of memory" Error

    It's a script queue of scripts, all from noteworthy scripters.
  7. I have 50 clients, they were all running perfectly for 12+ hours, botting as usual. I went to sleep and woke up to all of them being white screened with the tribot error "Ran out of memory" 386 heap size per client. 50 clients.
  8. Phat Shock

    Client Starter: Script Command not working?

    Thanks guys for clearing that up, most unfortunate.
  9. Hi i'm using the client starter and it loads perfectly but the script argument/command isn't loading and it's sitting on the script's gui. Is it possible that the script doesn't support client starter? I'm entering the Script Command as I always have and it's not working. the command works with the script queue and if I start the script the basic "Start Script" way.
  10. Phat Shock

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    @erickho123 Option to just create the accounts and save info, No tut island?
  11. Botter and staker! I will say that after paying some of the scripters for private scripts I've had written, I wish I had the time and patience to learn to write scripts. Lol
  12. Yes being in the US we are pretty limited, Circle and Coinbase are the best options. I don't know of any tutorials per say, however, It's as easy as signing up on these websites I listed. Once you sign up you will add payment options, ie; bank account,credit card,debit card, paypal account. There will be limits on how much btc you can buy as you are just starting out, and certain payment options have higher starting limits. Bank account transactions will allow you to buy the most, but take 2-3 days to clear and deposit the btc into your account. Credit card, debit card, and paypal account methods will usually come with a daily/weekly limit for example it might let you buy $60.00 worth of btc with those options, but as you buy more bitcoin overtime they will raise your limits. They make it super easy with simple interfaces, if you have any more questions feel free to message me directly. Just sign up for an account on one of those websites or both would be better! Goodluck to you both!
  13. Sorry that happened, while you are waiting for a response from Circle, I recommend creating a coinbase account as it's only beneficial to a btc user and buying credits with it is instant and easy.