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  1. @Druid there is an issue with the script in which I believe it is not checking the inventory properly. when I am stringing it'll often redeposit and rewithdraw my bows and strings a couple times before it actually closes the bank and starts fletching again
  2. Cannoning is no good. None of the settings work, really other then reload. Definitely not aio mage and the only problem with waiting for him to log in is it takes weeks at a time for him to log in.
  3. Ya good luck getting ahold of tri. I'll never buy another one of his scripts again. its a problem with the client, not the script this time, but his script still carries a lot of problems and support is non existent.
  4. Not working for me either.. doesn't attack, won't use cannon, sometimes can't even register gear. support sucks for this script though so we will probably be waiting a while.
  5. Thank you sir. You offer great support that's why I own a few of your scripts hope you make more in the future I need.
  6. Runecrafting powerleveling

    Ya considering selling the service. I enjoy rc
  7. Runecrafting powerleveling

    Is anybody interested in RC power leveling?
  8. if you crash me I crash you with 2 accs =D

    Change channel please. Maplestory.
  9. Mine works ok too, it just sucks theres no coal bag support it really should have it. @AlphaDog please add coal bag support
  10. The banking process is slow. I don't think it is latency, because my aio fighter script does it flawlessly.