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  1. Runecrafting powerleveling

    Ya considering selling the service. I enjoy rc
  2. Runecrafting powerleveling

    Is anybody interested in RC power leveling?
  3. if you crash me I crash you with 2 accs =D

    Change channel please. Maplestory.
  4. Mine works ok too, it just sucks theres no coal bag support it really should have it. @AlphaDog please add coal bag support
  5. The banking process is slow. I don't think it is latency, because my aio fighter script does it flawlessly.
  6. Jagex's payback

    Real talk though I bot about 14 hours a day. The trick is you can't be doing the same thing for so long. I'll bot a skill for like 5 or 6 hours then bot something else for like 4 hours then do a quest then bot something else for another like 4 hours. Almost maxed now.
  7. [$5.99][ABCL 10] Mute's Chinner [Ape Atoll][JavaFX]

    This script wastes a whole lot of time not attacking. Also it puts prayer on way before it's even to the chinning spot
  8. [$5.99][ABCL 10] Mute's Chinner [Ape Atoll][JavaFX]

    Ok when my account is ready i will.
  9. [$5.99][ABCL 10] Mute's Chinner [Ape Atoll][JavaFX]

    Are you thinking about adding burst/barrage to this script? would be a great addition
  10. While im smelting steel/cannon balls itll smelt like 2 bars then try to run to bank once in a while.. Also sometimes it like gets lost when depositing/withdrawing. itll withdraw the correct amount of iron, but then deposit the iron, then re-withdraw the iron, and then withdraw the coal