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  1. Ya considering selling the service. I enjoy rc
  2. Is anybody interested in RC power leveling?
  3. Change channel please. Maplestory.
  4. Mine works ok too, it just sucks theres no coal bag support it really should have it. @AlphaDog please add coal bag support
  5. The banking process is slow. I don't think it is latency, because my aio fighter script does it flawlessly.
  6. Real talk though I bot about 14 hours a day. The trick is you can't be doing the same thing for so long. I'll bot a skill for like 5 or 6 hours then bot something else for like 4 hours then do a quest then bot something else for another like 4 hours. Almost maxed now.
  7. This script wastes a whole lot of time not attacking. Also it puts prayer on way before it's even to the chinning spot
  8. Ok when my account is ready i will.
  9. Are you thinking about adding burst/barrage to this script? would be a great addition
  10. While im smelting steel/cannon balls itll smelt like 2 bars then try to run to bank once in a while.. Also sometimes it like gets lost when depositing/withdrawing. itll withdraw the correct amount of iron, but then deposit the iron, then re-withdraw the iron, and then withdraw the coal