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  1. No amulet of chemistry support?
  2. I trained mage by hand on all of them, but attack,strength, defence,range was all NMZ.
  3. Change theme?

    Hey there Tribot users, I have a question. Is it possible for the users to change the forum theme by themselves? As I really do not like the new theme, or will I have to suck it up?
  4. I have had 3 accounts maxed with this script. Recently about 1 week and half I got my third account to max, and nothing has happened to me yet. It is a very flawless script. People just have to be careful botting on jagex hour days and on thursdays/fridays (when a update comes up and fucks up the client). All 3 accounts have been playing for 10-12 hours daily.
  5. There's two options, you can use 4 traps or 3 traps. I don't like 4 traps because the bot sometimes doesn't pick the 4th trap even though it has a CATCH on it and the timer runs out on it... So I rather use 3 traps which is an option listed.
  6. @daxmagex Bought the script and it's working great at red salamanders even though, at some point for no REASON at all it says "insufficient trap amount" when I have 3 ropes and 3 nets still... (using the option for 3 traps) Also, could the shift click be implemented for releasing the salamanders instead of right clicking.
  7. Question: Mouse Movement Detection

    To avoid that just go File>Settings>TICK Use New Mouse Policy Done, you can hover your actual cursor through the client and in-game. The bot will still run without getting interrupted. However if your cursor is where the Tribot's cursor is, then it will move along with your actual one.
  8. Bot is running everything perfectly except starting the game. It get stucks at the dreamer.
  9. @Druid Can you implement that when npc pickpocketing in ardougne it will include ardy cloak 2 in inventory and dodgy necklace? Dodgy necklace helps A LOT as it avoids getting hit, every once in a while. Ardougne Cloak 2 = 10% successful chance of pickpocketing
  10. Tried to set this up for ardy knights. I set cakex23 as a food source. It withdrew 23 and kept trying to withdraw cake even though inventory was full and it auto stopped itself by saying "stopping script: ran out of cakes"
  11. Still running strong. I always bot from 10AM till 2-3AM. I never leave it running when it's going to reach 4-5am because that's when Jagex working hours enter. (at least on my time zone) Also, I saw below mentioning about the osbuddy update. I haven't had any problem at all with the osbuddy udpate because I'm using LG/OSBUDDY too. 92 defence and going strong, 7 more lvls to stop using nmz.
  12. Got attack,str,range,mage to 99 with this script. (just got attack today 10mins ago) Defence left. As always; this script is beast.
  13. TRiBot Release 9.305_10

    Wow, you're god. Thank you Papa Tri