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  1. My script fails to bank 3 times in a row and shuts down. Every single time. I'm not really sure what's going on.
  2. [15:00:16] Starting client.[15:09:25] Downloading script 'ExShopper'.[15:09:27] Script Started: ExShopper.[15:09:27] Verison:3.193 Fixed rare NPE[15:09:27] Dynamic signature update, sold: 0 bought: 0 since last signature update[15:09:27] No script argument provided, showing GUI[15:09:34] java.lang.NullPointerException[15:09:34] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCChat.getClickContinueInterface(bm:122)[15:09:34] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCChat.getMessage(bm:13)[15:09:34] at scripts.exshopper.ExShopper.e(ExShopper.java:642)[15:09:34] at scripts.exshopper.ExShopper.run(ExShopper.java:137)[15:09:34] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[15:09:34] Script Ended: ExShopper. ^ Script stops before it even starts.
  3. Any idea what could be causing it then? I'm running 3 different scripts, all of them are breaking fine except for this one which is ignoring it and all are running the same break.
  4. This bot seems to be ignoring break handler. It will say that it will break for a long period of time and then simply continue shopping.
  5. I was, this fixed it. Had no idea changing to resizable in OsBuddy would change it here as well. Thanks for the help
  6. Yes and Yes. It doesn't even click Existing User and try to enter a username or password.
  7. When I try to start any script it just stalls out. It never even logs in to the account.
  8. I ran it with 15 minute breaks (randomness of 4 minutes) every 3 hours (randomness of 17 minutes) for a total of ~12 hours. I was banking in Sophanem with ABCL eat. I have botted on other accounts, none have ever been banned, and this account has never been banned or had a warning for botting before. I did try to run a Script Stack Trace, but the account had been logged so long due to the ban that the script had stopped running by the time that I saw it. Edit: This is also the first time that I'd botted on this particular account. It's my own account and I've played it for a little over a year.
  9. The script got a level 126 account with over 1750 total level banned after only 12 hours of use, never ran for more than 3 hours straight at a time. Don't recommend it.
  10. So I'm using 2 bots which I've used in the past and have rune fine, the aMiner Premium and ExShopper. I can load the client just fine, but when osrs loads up it is quite laggy despite everything else running fine. Then when I start either script, my character just stands still and the timer ticks down until it logs out and the script ends. The Debug also doesn't see anything - it treats my inventory as though it's empty when it's not, and doesn't spot the NPCs around. I've tried deleting my cached files and uninstalling and reinstalling. None of it has made any difference.
  11. Script won't even start for me. Doesn't recognize the shop owner, or any of my items. Uninstalled and reinstalled tribot and still no fix. https://i.gyazo.com/f876a57195e5943c6546519bb96fd999.png
  12. For the past few days I've had some issues running the Rune Mining script in Nezzy. The bot seems to get stuck on the southeast corner of the island and doesn't actually try to mine the ore, even if it's available. If I click on the ore, it fixes itself and will run fine for a while. It's caused me to get under half as much rune ore per hour.
  13. Just a heads up, after the skill worlds update today I can't access certain worlds. Bot seems to get stuck on them, think there's an issue logging in, and just stops running.
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