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  1. He is saying total. He didn't ban that much in one day.
  2. Already have mage buying cooker now. happy birthday dude
  3. I have fletchers that have run for 3+ months.
  4. leidenfrostx

    Safe to bot?

    You're lucky you aren't already banned with 2 offenses. Bot smart, take breaks, use a quality script, and don't do it on any account you can't afford to lose. If you play legit on that account then don't bother. If you don't care if it lives or dies then roll the dice.
  5. You can only use socks5 proxies with tribot. I use maxthon browser and I buy proxies from @Montreal
  6. I can tell you that they can and will ban all accounts coming from the same IP. Warn your friend in advance that he should not have you bot an account that he isn't comfortable losing. I use @Montreal for proxies and they work great. I would highly suggest a proxy and also make sure you use the break handler in tribot.
  7. PMed you I'm not sure if my Provider has Debian but I'll look into it. Does this include setting up java and tribot?
  8. I'm looking for a specific set of instructions to setup a 64 bit VPS for botting. I have been trying and troubleshooting for about 4 days now and I can not get any set to work. The instructions here and on other sites are either outdated or incomplete. The preferred OS is either CentOS 6 or Ubuntu 14.04 Please let me know if you have a full set of instructions that are current. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I've had WC bots banned faster than that with a proxy, they watch the most common locations. You should also use breaks.
  10. I setup a VPS 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 desktop version. Everything else is showing up correctly folders, firefox, etc. I double click TRiBot_Loader.jar and it does nothing. There is no error message or screen that loads and then closes. I have TopBot installed and that will open and load up when I double click the .jar file. I'm not sure what is wrong since other .jar files are working correctly. Please help!
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