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  1. Hello. I am looking for a few scripts on the repository that I made a long time ago. One is a waterfall quest script and the other is a tutorial island script. I know I took them down so maybe scripts that are taken down vanish from the repository after awhile? Just asking in case I am blind and they are still on the repo.. To my knowledge last time I checked around a year ago they were still on the repo (even when I took them down). Perhaps a new policy?
  2. Good luck Arckos
  3. Alright I guess that is confirmation that there is no actual listener class. Thanks
  4. In 07 scripts we would just implement the MessageListener class. I do not see any MessageListener in the rs3 api. Is there any way to listen for messages (such as when people are trading you)?
  5. Not to my knowledge. You would have to turn up your actual computer volume I think.
  6. I made an app but the process to get it on the app store is kind of frustrating me, it seems like there is so much to do. I just need someone to walk me through the process of submitting it for review and answer some questions I have. So far I do have the developer program and I have my app on my own device (I think that means I have the development certificate). I honestly don't really know what i'm doing so i'm paying $20 for someone to help explain the process to me. Please contact me on Skype: KMJTtrade
  7. I would make your isAtCows() method check for area instead of number of cows in sight. If the cows are in a pen, you could be stuck outside of the gate but if there are cows near it will be returning true.