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  1. diy

    TRiBot Release 9.303_5

    The combat methods aren't entirely fixed, getWildernessLevel is still broken, will always return 0.
  2. diy

    TRiBot Bot Control Panel

    This feature really should be removed completely, or at least it should stop being advertised. It's been MULTIPLE YEARS since it worked.
  3. diy

    Cannon AFK?

    If that's literally all you want the script to do (IE you're going to be babysitting it, or you're somewhere where you won't die or need to do anything else), I could whip one up for you relatively quickly.
  4. diy

    TRiBot Bot Control Panel

    The bot panel is broken and has been for over a year, doesn't seem to be much of a priority to fix.
  5. diy

    Guide to Implementing ABC2

    Returning from a long absence, looks great. My only concern is with the shouldExamineEntity() and examineEntity() methods. How often do experienced players REALLY examine random objects? I've noticed I'll right click on objects randomly and close the interface fairly frequently when bored, but almost never actually "Examine" an item/object. Is the frequency of this method determined by your previous player behavior analysis and the frequency that actual players examined items/objects? Considering leaving this one out in favor of only using the shouldRightClick() and rightClick() methods if it seems too frequent.
  6. diy

    TRiBot Bot Control Panel

    Any chance we could get some API for sending a short message to the panel from scripts? Maybe a "Status" or something? It would be nice if I could send a message to the panel if it's running but stuck.
  7. Am I missing something or does this not actually support stalls? Sure it can find a stall and click on it, but it completely ignores failing and being attack by gaurds, will just sit there and tank the guard while still spam clicking stalls (Only have tested the trial)
  8. Ran for ~4-6 hours last night without too many issues (It gets stuck occasionally banking trying to find items in the bank though after dying and will just spamclick/move the mouse around, Putting all of my items in the same 1-2 rows of the bank seemed to help a bit though). Overall, kills zulrah pretty well solid moneymaker. Unfortunately after running it for only a few hours, my 99 range 95 mage main account was permanently banned this morning. Not sure if it was this script (The account had a 7 day ban back in 2010 that expired, but maybe it was still flagged?) Either way, be careful guys, I was banned pretty damn quick and lost my mained that was pretty much maxed on EOC and pretty high total in 07 as well.
  9. Added One small tip to users: Don't use "Let ABCL decide" for eating until worthy changes it a bit. (It will often not eat when fighting the "mage" stage and in the mid-high 30s of HP, one 40 and you're gone) Have a few small tips for you too Worthy when you're on skype, nothing too major though. Looks pretty good overall, but there are a few logic changes that can speed kills up a bit if you're interested.
  10. Downloaded out of curiosity. Haven't been able to run yet, sits on "Waiting for GUI settings" endlessly, first time I ran it it teleported to Zul-andra then froze saying "Teleporting to island" just a heads up. EDIT: There was a socket exception error, I think I may have accidently declined one of your requests for access dialogues. BTW quick QOL fix if possible, Your GUI appears on top of them, and you can't move it while they are up haha. Not a huge deal if you just "Accept Always" and don't have to bother with them again though I guess. EDIT 2: Cleared all of my permissions and re-ran the script, made 100% sure to "Accept Always" all of them. Still same issue "Waiting for GUI settings" so I guess it is a script issue and not just me missclicking ha. Let me know when you figure it out I'll be back in a bit.
  11. Ok, Don't think I have the original source (New laptop) but I can write a new one.
  12. Any interest still in an updated version of this script? I'm back after a long break and deciding which scripts to update If clay prices are decent and there is interest from people i'll gladly fix this up.
  13. diy

    [Free] PkBuddy Hit Predicter [Free]

    Hasn't been updated in ~2 years is why, and at least for me, the tribot client feels like it has a bit of delay vs standard client (maybe it's just my computer?) but if it's something to do with the client it's probably not worth PVPing on over osbuddy anyways. I can update this if people still actually use the tribot client for PVP though.
  14. Sorry guys, released this before I left, hasn't been update in ages, I'll re-release it soon if people are still in need of a fire crafter, Just let me know.