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  1. Sorry guys, I didn't come into here to lie for no reason... I lost a lot of money that day and it wasn't the first time that this happened. All I'm saying is don't make the same mistake I did of having nearly blind faith in the calc... 65-85% isn't always 65-85 percent from what I've found... It doesn't mean the calculator isn't working in all cases, I just think it has some issues in certain ones. I think its fair for me to say something like this
  2. I just came by to rant about how inaccurate the calculator is, i realize assume is going to come into this thread and bring the heat but I have to share my experiences with using the "Main" calculator. I've played 200 stakes over this past week using only the calculator while having the script run on a new tab not logged into any character, I only staked against people i had 60-65% win against and I consistantly lost money. I know it sounds like I'm whining, but when someone I have 85% odds against beats me 15/21 games, something is wrong with the system. I just went 2 wins 12 losses against a 65% odds win losing all of my money because I believed in the calculator. If i bring 30m and bet at maximum 3m per stake 2 wins 12 losses brings me to 0 money. Is there any way that odds are being calculated incorrectly in situations where I have low to medium defence and the opponent has very high strength ?
  3. Hes doing: Lost city Restless Animal mag Nature spirit Fairy part 1 Fairy part 2 I offered to pay for this because thats too much to do for free : )
  4. The accounts that were made fully bottled were banned within the same amount of time as the accounts made by hand. And the accounts made by hand had no reason to be flagged prior to when they started hitting. The account builder is very trusted.
  5. Right before i basically quit gold farming, i hired multiple done-by-hand tribot users to make me 10-15 (in total) accounts with 300-500 total level and decent combat. I then proceeded to bot these accounts at air orbs. I understand that air orbs are high ban rate, but all 15 accounts got banned within 1 week of starting their 8-10 hours a day botting on fresh proxies 1:1 proxy to account ratio. One of them got banned after 8 hours of botting. Im not saying that this means its pointless to level stats, its also a small sample set, but out of the 30-50 accounts ive made for air orbs, it seems there was nearly no difference in ban rates between hand made high total level accounts and straight up to the point goldfarm accounts. Perhaps questing is the difference! Who knows...
  6. Has the script always challenged nearby people who have high win percent? I think I just saw it do that (unless it got challenged before acecpting someone else and then followed through with the other challenge after returning from the first duel?)
  7. Looking for trusted members only if we are to be conducting this deal over paypal. pm me or add on skype: ikaboose
  8. You know it dude! Get a method you like (Or a super private one) and buy a private script for it : ) I got mine from Leespiker and can definitely recommend him !
  9. I've gone ahead and contacted someone else , i decided that depending on the circumstances , I will pay him partially for what hes done already, thanks for your thoughts guys
  10. Add my Skype : ikaboose Want to discuss a custom package
  11. First of all, I want to make this clear, this isn't a dispute, I just want to get some outside opinions on what you guys think I should do. A week or so ago, I made a deal with someone who I won't name to do powerleveling for me on three accounts. He was active on skype and discussing the progress with me every day for a few days until the 22nd where he was offline on skype... and offline again to this day (5 days now). I checked the accounts first on hiscores, no level differences, then logged in on them finally today and found they havnt moved a spot in 5 days. I was not given any notice that he would be unreachable/unable to complete these services and he did say 2 of the accounts would be done by the 25th. Id be okay with this if he logged on now and continued the work, but I don't see that happening, which is strange because he is semi-trusted (40+ vouches). Anyways, I need these accounts finished , i needed them finished days ago, do you guys think its fair for me to pursue someone else as a powerleveler ? Idk how long I should wait before assuming he bailed on me. I guess if he comes back we can agree on a price to pay him for the work already done? Cheers guys, Lmk what you think
  12. If I add the general action of sleeping 1 second, will it consistently sleep for exactly 1 second or vary this amount? Don't want it to seem robotic. Any1 know?
  13. Flamo353, I'm writing a thesis paper for school, can you get out your red pen and highlighter and review it for me ?
  14. don't really want this thread to become a discussion about account buying, but if someone states they are the sole/original owner and it gets recovered, I'm pretty sure thats grounds for a ban on sythe (not certain), so in that case someone with 100+ vouches would have to be damn sure hes the original owner before selling it to me. Anyways, lets move on from this topic because like i said, I learned my lesson : )