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  1. People still use this script? I thought it was waay to saturated to even be worth using still.
  2. True_Mako

    Account Security

    Actually you're partially right. I spoke to said person about this. I was wrong about your db being dumped. The bot was "cracked" in the past by someone who had Spoofed the SSL server and patched GetAddrInfo during runtime for any authentication requests to come to said server. I hope the procedure for the bot has been improved upon since.....
  3. True_Mako

    Account Security

    Tribot was revered and dumped a while ago. Also Runescape's protocol has been figured out and a formgrabber has been written. Toodles
  4. The problem is that you've saturated this method of botting. Now that everyone has access to this script or just about anyone who uses Tribot, it's barely profitable if at all.
  5. True_Mako

    Purchased VIP Credits doesnt show (Bitcoin payed)

    I wish that we could sell our credits back to the system as well for BTC.
  6. True_Mako

    Error Strings Since Update.

    No it's not. Just delete your hooks.dat in your AppData/Roaming/.tribot/Settings/ <--- Restart client.
  7. When's the last time you deleted your hooks.dat file? AppData/Roaming/.tribot/settings/ <---- Find it here Close client before you delete, it. Then restart client.
  8. True_Mako

    Clan Chat Spammer

    Just use one of the autotalker scripts here.... you can use that shit to spread your links and such.....
  9. True_Mako

    I brought Vip

    I've been trying to contact him and he is around just very busy. I've spoken to him once but he's been real busy with school from what I understand. If it were you, you'd want to not to be too stressed out with work and probably take a week off too. Don't worry I highly doubt he's scammed you for $8. I usually sell him 20m at a time. He's a nice guy and will probably even see this tonight. I have requested he contact me here for another sale tonight.
  10. True_Mako

    Bitcoin payment issue

    I use Multibit as my wallet all time and it works fine. Don't know where you fucked up. Btw - your link to the block transaction doesn't work. https://multibit.org/
  11. True_Mako

    can someone link me tp lastest jdk for windows?

    Use Firefox and Google; "Java download" . It will automatically figure out if you have the latest version and which you need if so. Just run the Java detect app on their official page. If you use Chrome it won't work because Chrome downloads its own version automatically for browsing, not for desktop applications.
  12. What happened to the paid Blast Furnace script?
  13. True_Mako

    xHunter [Free] [ABCL10] [Birds & Chins]

    Watched it the entire time and it did fail some of the time. Then got banned using this for less than 2 hours.
  14. True_Mako

    Bot/Script idea

    I'm glad that this thread has been neutral/positive feedback so far. @bluefirecorp - Would you be interested in selling such a script?
  15. True_Mako

    Bot/Script idea

    Well like Tri's AIO Magic/Combat/Range script you can set a tile for your player to stand, I was thinking perhaps the script would allocate an area of tiles that it would set all bots to according to how you want to strategize your kill with them all lined up or stacked on 1 space. I think with the amazing scripters here we could see something of the sort. Just wanted to say that aMiner has to be my favourite script ever! Has made me so much and lol the script is so cheap for an unlimited auth. I have to hand it to him. Congrats on a such a great script!