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  1. During initialization the client sends the server the public modulus, a checksum is issued to prevent forged modulus, I know someone who was able to make a runescape 'formgrabber for when the login is issued, they'd decrypt the outgoing packet ...and view the user/password. When the packets were sent, they were encrypted using the modulus inside the client. They replaced the modulus with their own and hooked send. Decrypted the packets with their own private key. Then re-encrypted them with jagex's modulus and sent them.
  2. People still use this script? I thought it was waay to saturated to even be worth using still.
  3. Actually you're partially right. I spoke to said person about this. I was wrong about your db being dumped. The bot was "cracked" in the past by someone who had Spoofed the SSL server and patched GetAddrInfo during runtime for any authentication requests to come to said server. I hope the procedure for the bot has been improved upon since.....
  4. Tribot was revered and dumped a while ago. Also Runescape's protocol has been figured out and a formgrabber has been written. Toodles
  5. You're getting this error because the Cloudflare is blocking your IP. Are you using a VPN that has blacklisted IP's? Either that or Tribot's Cloudflare settings were being changed when you trying to login. This can lead to old cached configurations loading the wrong info to make the connection.
  6. Why are you such a faggot? You should return to Hackforums where YOU belong. Like honestly I should show everyone this massive dox. @Jazed
  7. What's the website link to your livechat? I would like to sell 50m but do not use skype. Willing to use a MM here though.
  8. Sending a fake letter disguised as a police record or warrant saying that the computer in question had been hijacked or stolen during the time of the infraction. Seems legit.
  9. The problem is that you've saturated this method of botting. Now that everyone has access to this script or just about anyone who uses Tribot, it's barely profitable if at all.
  10. No one will buy under 5m at once unless they're desperate or scammer.
  11. Don't buy credits from people... just buy them from the site itself. People can only sell up to 5 credits at a time anyways so anyone claiming more is a scammer.
  12. You can only trade 5 credits a month, how do you plan on selling 8? Explain yourself.
  13. Wasn't me this time..... >.> Also in other news; Runescape botting methods that were saturated before are now back to normal.
  14. I just tried that site and waited 10 minutes just for instructions on what to do while it was "Processing" lol....... it's broken.
  15. I wish that we could sell our credits back to the system as well for BTC.