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  1. Line 579 found this [21:31:28] [Teleport Manager] Found shorter path with teleport: GLORY > EDGEVILLE
  2. Here you go https://pastebin.com/6BJFBTih https://pastebin.com/1yNBMGCd
  3. I have attached the bot debug folder it wont let me do the client one for some reason but i have it saved.
  4. so i ran the trail and it looked good so went ahead and purchased, left running for about 1.5 hours came back and my account was in edge with nothing but coins in my inventory.. i have no idea what happened, checked the bank and the bones are not there. was doing Rimmington phials methord. im guessing it dropped them or something, kinda pissed was pretty much 10m worth of bones... alter.txt Can you make sense of this? if not i would like a refund not risking that again alter v2.txt
  5. The butler item override does not seem to work, i have ticked the box and set value to 24 but the script will ask it for 26 regardless. Any ideas?
  6. As there has been no replies I sat and watched the script do every task that has a superior and when one spawned i re started the script and searched for monsters, then saved each task with both the superior and normal versions saved to attack list... Sometimes it will not attack the superior because the normal type keep getting attack so it de spawns. Would it be possible to add target priority this way the superior can be set higher increasing the chances of the script attacking it.
  7. Just started using this script for the odd slayer task and i have noticed it is not looting items, I have set the loot value to 1000 but nothing is being picked up. I get round this by looking at the monsters drop table and adding items to the pick up list (I am using mirror mode if this is any help) also if on a slayer task and a superior spawns will the script know to attack it? I have attempted to find the superior monsters ID numbers but no luck yet.
  8. Also if an account was to get pet what would the script do?
  9. I think i was running too many accounts in looking glass maxing out my cpu. The clients were lagging taking damage which under normal running it wouldn’t take. I have switch two accounts onto a laptop and now all four are running fine. Any advice on keeping the cpu usage down?
  10. Is anyone else having issues? I am running a few accounts and all are suddenly struggling to get 1 kill, Has been getting 2/3 no issue in the last few days...
  11. Attempted to test but the script just sits there not doing anything.
  12. Just worked out how to see the xp you have gained and would just like to say thanks for a beast script! Used on a few accounts mainly pures and never once received a ban ?
  13. Would it be possible to add and fixed camera position? i think its the anti ban that turns the camera at random times but it will position itself causing the script to click the npc through a wall with the spell book as far from the npc as possible (No player would ever do this) When i have legit stun alched in the past i position the camera so the npc is as close to the inventory as it can be to limit mouse travel.
  14. Reached 99 fishing from 48 on 2 accounts running 8/14 hours pretty much everyday. Great script thanks!
  15. The camera rotating is the client anti-ban. I'm not sure if I can detect if an npc is behind a wall or not, but it should still be able to be clicked behind it right? I mean yeah it starts clicking through the wall but i cant see a human doing this... seems like something only a bot would do.
  16. You can disable the antiban on the last page of the GUI I have tried that but the camera still moves, I have had to baby sit and move it back the whole time. Its logged out a few times because of no xp gain, the camera moved causing the NPC to mostly be covered by the chat box. The mouse was moving about over the chat box not clicking anything...
  17. Im trying to stun alch, it will work fine for 10 minutes then the camera will rotate which means i will be casting my curse on the NPC which i can now not see through a wall. I think its the client as i have had the same issue on another script. Is there anyway to stop the camera moving? Thanks.
  18. Is there anyway to stop the camera rotating? i guess it's an anti ban but when stun alching it turns making the spell book further away from target (I position camera so spell book and target are as close as possible)
  19. This is strange I downloaded tribot on my laptop and the script seems to work now. Is there anyway I can reset my tribot client on my main computer? I tried deleting and downloding it again but it didn't work. Ps. Only thing I've noticed running it on my laptop it right clicks to load cannon, is this normal? I think it would be less bot like to left click cannon. If you set safe spot under the cannon it will right click but if you stand next to it its fine, and i found that deleting everything to do with tribot and downloading it again fixed everything Ran ok for a hour, found that if the cannon runs out of cannon balls just before it breaks then it will stop due to not being able to load the cannon getting the message "failed to load the cannon 8 times" Needs to be able to detect cannon is broken and fix it before loading with cannon balls, Please fix. -.- after restarting ran ok for 5 mins then started trying to load cannon every second, exactly the same settings as before... what the hell is going on
  20. Thought script had been fixed so set everything up as normal, watched for 10 minutes seemed fine. Checked 4 hours later 17k xp had been gained and it managed to enter and get stuck in the north west building of caged ogres spam clicking the floor for most of the 4 hours... Had option to log out after 5 mins of no xp gain set which did not work. Pretty irritating, brought vip-e and $10 on script to cannon and haven't been able to run it properly in over a week. Hoping my account does not get banned.
  21. Planning on fixing this? Only reason I brought this script was to cannon and it's not working... Posted a couple days ago and haven't heard anything back, would be nice to know if it was being worked on or on a todo list.
  22. Having problems with script, using cannon at caged ogres. Will work fine for the first 2 reloads then will click the cannon every couple seconds after that. I am pretty sure settings are correct i loaded ones i have used in the past and they were working fine awhile back. Any ideas would be great. @Tri
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