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  1. Anyone else having a problem with the bot standing at the bank trying to deposit? Nothing but pouches in invy and it wont withdraw ess or a tab.
  2. If you aren't 91 runecrafting, you actually make more money doubling cosmics.
  3. Everyone's suggestions are going to be biased to where they benefit the most.
  4. Explain why natures shot up to over 300 gp when Jagex had their bot busting session a few months ago? Karamja nature running was practically empty and natures had the highest demand during that period.
  5. You need to understand economics then. This is a matter of supply and demand. If he removes the nature option, supply will drop and demand will go up making the prices of natures go up as well. It might not go up to 275 but definitely more than what it is right now. The real thing to worry about is the shitstorm that will take place when if he actually removes the nature option as some people don't care how much natures are and want to take full advantage of the script they paid for.
  6. People act if they are going to rise to what they are in EOC. I doubt the server will even survive that long.
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