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  1. Please refer to this post. @johnson1993 , let me know if you are still having issues. Warfront1
  2. One suggestion would be to play in windowed mode, let me know if that has any impact. I also requested a bot and client debug with the screenshot, please if you catch it again post them with a screenshot. I will however still honor the offer I posted earlier. Notify me at the end of the month, and I will issue a full refund. Which you can use to purchase another month, or another script of your choosing. @dantan I have an account that I am training up for that method. To be clear the normal cosmic walking method is operational. The requirements are pretty difficult to obtain via botting using scripts on TRiBoT publicly available. I had to write custom scripts to train most of the accounts up. Thanks, Warfront1
  3. If doing cosmic normal running just start near zanris bank, it will handle the rest. If doing cosmic Abyss start at edgeville bank. Only essence pouches Warfront1
  4. Please refer to my last post on this thread, I offer some options to debug this issue. Doing so will earn you a free months subscription The cosmic method would appear to be operating as I just gave it a test tonight. Always check the bot and client debug, it will help identify an issue if you are having one. It will alert you of things such as missing your cosmic tiara/etc. Also which method are you doing normal walk, low agility, or high agility? Give this thread a try as well if all else fails. In addition I have released a tiny update: - Abyss Crafting defaults to glory method - Abyss Crafting House tab method, fixed bug that would cause you to get stuck at the altar. Warfront1
  5. Also, there was an issue with abyss entry objects 2 years ago, that TRiLeZ was able to fix. But I've left in the debug for the entry objects, so anyone that clears their tribot hooks.dat (linked above) and still has issues try to capture a screenshot like the one below. I'd still honor the free month of subscription I offered 2 years back as well. Warfront1
  6. The pouch repair was fixed in the last update I released 2-3 weeks ago. I will give it a test run tomorrow to confirm, but this feature was repaired recently. In addition there is bot client and bug debug that I added to help track the issue. If you could post up this log that would be helpful. Could you please provide more information: what rune/method. Bot debug/client debug. It is very difficult to assist anyone when others are running fine. The more detail provided will help get me you up and running sooner. Warfront1
  7. You must have by accident clicked to disabled access to elitescripts.tk (the script remote webserver). You can either remove it from the black list/add to white list, or disable the TRiBoT firewall all together. For the later option, just click on settings in the tribot client, all the way at the bottom is the option to turn the firewall on/off Warfront1
  8. warfront1

    [ABCL 10] Auto Fletcher Elite V2

    I just gave it a run, everything seems to be operation @Master Chief Give this a try: If you are still having problems be sure to post up your bot and client debug. Thanks, Warfront1
  9. There is currently no support for lava runes! It is high on priority list of additional features to be added, I must say though. It is highly requested Warfront1
  10. The pouch support is automatic, just place the pouches in your inventory! No configuration necessary! Warfront1
  11. Try to capture a screenshot, and report the bot and client debug. I haven't heard of anyone else having issues with dying in this particular location, it be worth a shot to try this: There has been issues historically with the TRIBoT client in these locations. I have built in a ton of debugging in this location due to issue with client in the past. Warfront1
  12. warfront1

    [P] Fire rune crafter

    Auto Runecrafter elite does fire dueling ring method! Warfront1
  13. warfront1

    Mine and Smelt

    Mine and Smelt has been updated! Just hit start and sit back! Easy mining and smithing levels with zero setup. What a great script to start up some blast furnace or even some mother load mine accounts. Warfront1
  14. Slave RuneCrafting is operational for natures. I was able to fix this method a few months back with the help of another customer! I have a new account being trained, perhaps new functionality like this will be coming later this summer. NPC contact is already working and running. Make sure you are on lunars. Warfront1