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  1. Please contact me via PM, I intend to compensate for these issues. I will be looking into these issues shortly For the bot sitting at the bank issue during abyss (assumed) can you please provide bot debug and client debug. Thanks, Warfront1
  2. Could you please provide the bot and client debug when the script is "stuck"? I am not able to replicate the issue you are experiencing over numerous hour runs. Are you using Looking Glass? At what frequency does this issue occur? Add me on skype for additional help: tvcontrolsyou1 Warfront1
  3. That is correct the script has never had support for food on the cosmic agility method. It typically takes quite a while before food is needed, and in most cases by the time you have walked/ran you usually would have healed to an acceptable level to attempt the agility shortcut. If you check the bot/client debug it should tell you why the bot is sitting in the bank. Most likely you are low on essence and/or glories. The mixture of glory(4)'s and glory(6) in the bank can cause issues when there is a low quantity of either. Warfront1
  4. I'd recommend only using one type of glory in your bank. Glory(4) or Glory(6). Also if you could explain what was occurring as far as waiting I'd be more than happy to help you. Warfront1
  5. In your Runescape settings (not tribot), there is an option to toggle doors as always open. The bot debug should have given feedback suggesting to do so? Warfront1
  6. Auto RuneCrater Elite Patch Released: - Fixes issue with Abyss where the script would think it needed to heal (eat) due to a Jagex hp change. Also in reference to @Rohm posts. All customers who have contact me, have been helped. If the above statement is not true, as always feel free to contact me. Enjoy, Warfront1
  7. Auto Crafter Elite will spin flax into bow string in lumbridge. Auto Fletcher Elite will use the bow string on your unstrung bows. Warfront1
  8. @WG Ryan Thanks for the feedback. Could you explain what about the armor GUI is messed up? Is it just an appearance thing or does it impact functionality? Thanks, Warfront1
  9. The following illustrates what a proxy does in a very simplistic way. In the most simple of terms it serves as a middle man between you and what you are trying to request. For runescape botting the benefit of this is that Jagex will see your connection as being sourced from the proxy (middleman) not you. Instead of running 10 accounts all on your own machine, you could run every account through a different proxy. This would make it appear as if you are playing on each account from a different address. This can help prevent quick bans due to flagged addresses and chain bans (all accounts on one computer getting banned at once) Warfront1
  10. Possibly some of the client downtime/changes have impacted the script. Are you using looking glass? I know there are some outstanding issues due to the last update. warfront1
  11. Line 57 Player.getRSPlayer() != null && Player.getRSPlayer().isInCombat() Can return a Null Pointer Exception according to the docs. The return of the two calls to the Player method getRSPlayer are not the same. ie. the object null checked is not equivalent to the one you are firing the isInCombat method on. Warfront1
  12. Half of this code is re-inventing a date/time class: getSecond/hour/minute/etc/etc/etc. You can remove half of this code immediately using a few off the shelf built right into the core api classes, such as the new Java 8 LocalDateTime class. Prior to 8 we had classes that handled this as well, why reinvent the wheel? Let me preface the rest of my feedback on the fact that I did not read through all of this code. It would appear I can only set a time in hours which is a bit crazy considering we are looking at a 450 line timer class. This checkEndTimer method makes a few improper assumptions, has the ability to get stuck in an infinite loop, and has the ability to slow a script by potentially 3 seconds every loop cycle. There is no reason to check if the player is in combat if the next end time is in 13 hours. Furthermore, a 3 second wait is no guarantee on a player leaving combat. There is also no reason to do any of this if we are not even using the timer (end_after_time). The if statement to determine if the script has passed it’s end time is long winded, and can be simplified. The logout while loop has no exit point in the case something goes wrong, not even a timeout. So you potentially could be trying to logout for multiple minutes spam clicking the logout button every 1-5 seconds until your player dies, you get banned, or lose connection etc.. Warfront1
  13. I was compromised by TeamViewer with 2FA enabled a few months back. I luckily caught the attacker in the act, and was able to take all of my machines offline and a fresh re-fromat. The potential security risks weren't worth toying around with. In fact, when a customer requests support and insists on using teamviewer, I run a virtual machine with teamviewer installed within. Warfront1
  14. Sapphire Rings are working perfectly. There is possibly some issues with your TRiBoT Installation. Attempt the following troubleshooting tips: Thanks, Warfront1
  15. We were able to resolve @sohilpenguins problem by updating his java version https://java.com/en/download/ @Alek Warfront1