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  1. Anything that doesn't work, is looked into, and fixed if it is reported! Everything should be fully functional! Warfront1
  2. Please attempt to switch your screen settings to fixed, as that was the issue fluffee was having. This could solve your issues. If not contact me via skype, discord, this thread, or PM. I'd love to get you set up and working! Also we were able to get dragon up and running on fire method. His TRiBoT hooks file was corrupt, and needed to be deleted. This is a common issue with TRiBoT that impacts all scripts, infact I'd say over 80% of issues stem from this in my experience. Check out the steps in order to resolve this here: Warfront1
  3. Sorry to hear you are having troubles. Be sure to check the client debug and bot debug. Typically the script will alert you why something isn't operating properly. Firing from the hip if you are doing dueling ring method, be sure to have a good amount of dueling ring (8) in the bank, as well as pure essence. Also for the sake of troubleshooting switch to fixed window mode. There have been over 20k fires made yesterday, I also did a test run to verify myself tonight. Walking Method and Dueling ring appear to be operating smoothly. In any case, I want to get you personally up and running. Contact me on Skype or online via PM. Discord also warfront1#4937 Warfront1
  4. V1.003 Released: - Fixes issue with Cosmic walking High Level Agility Method. Warfront1
  5. warfront1

    any working abyss rc bots?

    Auto RuneCrafter Elite is fully functioning for the Abyss! Please contact me if you experience any issues! Warfront1
  6. @Led Zeppelin Did you try switching to windowed mode? Fluffee was having issues with that earlier this week. Contact me on skype, and I can personally help assist you. I will be focusing on TRIBoT all night starting at around 8 pm - 1 AM EST Keep me posted, Warfront1
  7. What issue are you experiencing? I'd like to help you through any problem you are experiencing! Also I am working with @Fluffee In order to debug the issue reported. Warfront1
  8. @johnson1993 Sorry you feel this way about the bot. The quote you posted referred to an issue with pouches that was due to an RS update. An update was posted in order to address the issue faster than an other RuneCrafting Script on TRiBot and even competing clients. In my last correspondence with you I mentioned that if you were able to get a screenshot and bot and client debug output and posted it, that you would be given a free month/Refund. Also here is a nice little proggy from a low level RC abyss Crafter Warfront1
  9. It is a bug currently. I typically post any issues that I have confirmed on the 1st or 2nd post in this thread. Master Slave only works via the safe/unsafe path karjama store method natures only. In regards to all others having issues with pouches, there was an update recently from jagex that broke the method that most RuneCrafting Scripts used in order to obtain pouch count. This in turn broke most if not all of anything automated associated with RuneCrafting. I have just released an updated V1.002 addressing this issue. Please do note that the scope of impact from jagex's update is wide spread, so please bot with caution especially with methods that include pouch support. Version 1.002 Release Notes: - Updates pouch support (Jagex removes varbits from client for pouches) - Updates error messages to output to client debug in addition to bot debug for most error cases Warfront1
  10. Please refer to this post. @johnson1993 , let me know if you are still having issues. Warfront1
  11. One suggestion would be to play in windowed mode, let me know if that has any impact. I also requested a bot and client debug with the screenshot, please if you catch it again post them with a screenshot. I will however still honor the offer I posted earlier. Notify me at the end of the month, and I will issue a full refund. Which you can use to purchase another month, or another script of your choosing. @dantan I have an account that I am training up for that method. To be clear the normal cosmic walking method is operational. The requirements are pretty difficult to obtain via botting using scripts on TRiBoT publicly available. I had to write custom scripts to train most of the accounts up. Thanks, Warfront1
  12. If doing cosmic normal running just start near zanris bank, it will handle the rest. If doing cosmic Abyss start at edgeville bank. Only essence pouches Warfront1
  13. Please refer to my last post on this thread, I offer some options to debug this issue. Doing so will earn you a free months subscription The cosmic method would appear to be operating as I just gave it a test tonight. Always check the bot and client debug, it will help identify an issue if you are having one. It will alert you of things such as missing your cosmic tiara/etc. Also which method are you doing normal walk, low agility, or high agility? Give this thread a try as well if all else fails. In addition I have released a tiny update: - Abyss Crafting defaults to glory method - Abyss Crafting House tab method, fixed bug that would cause you to get stuck at the altar. Warfront1
  14. Also, there was an issue with abyss entry objects 2 years ago, that TRiLeZ was able to fix. But I've left in the debug for the entry objects, so anyone that clears their tribot hooks.dat (linked above) and still has issues try to capture a screenshot like the one below. I'd still honor the free month of subscription I offered 2 years back as well. Warfront1