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  1. Try to capture a screenshot, and report the bot and client debug. I haven't heard of anyone else having issues with dying in this particular location, it be worth a shot to try this: There has been issues historically with the TRIBoT client in these locations. I have built in a ton of debugging in this location due to issue with client in the past. Warfront1
  2. warfront1

    [P] Fire rune crafter

    Auto Runecrafter elite does fire dueling ring method! Warfront1
  3. warfront1

    Mine and Smelt

    Mine and Smelt has been updated! Just hit start and sit back! Easy mining and smithing levels with zero setup. What a great script to start up some blast furnace or even some mother load mine accounts. Warfront1
  4. Slave RuneCrafting is operational for natures. I was able to fix this method a few months back with the help of another customer! I have a new account being trained, perhaps new functionality like this will be coming later this summer. NPC contact is already working and running. Make sure you are on lunars. Warfront1
  5. warfront1

    [ABCL 10] Auto Fletcher Elite V2

    Please provide more information. Java version, and Operating system information. Bot and Client Debug Help. Ruby's I hand tested ~2 days ago, so I'd imagine all gems should be operational. Warfront1
  6. warfront1

    Auto Fletcher Elite

    @TRiLeZ Auto Fletcher Elite original now lives on as Auto Fletcher Elite V2. I was debating on if I should sunset this script or spin it off into something unique, or simply just upload Auto Fletcher Elite V2 in it's place. The only concern is the large customer base associated with the script. But for complete tranparency TRiBoT's best and longest running Fletcher is now Auto Fletcher Elite V2, Warfront1
  7. Paste the bot and client debug, I added additional messaging to debug the pouch repair issues. The abyss book should work fine. Warfront1
  8. Sorry for your loss. Sounds to me that you may have some other forces working against you here. The 30 minutes into a botting session ban, seems suspicious. Perhaps IP related. Best of luck with your farm, Warfront1
  9. warfront1

    [ABCL 10] Auto Fletcher Elite V2

    I've personally tested all 3 methods, and they appear to be working. Ruby's, diamond bolts, and fletching bows. I would be interested in what java version everyone was running, and Operating System as well. When you first start tribot in the bot debug it will show you your tribot version number and your java version as well. Warfront1
  10. V1.001 Updated: - Fixes issues with Lunar NPC contact (Detecting Lunar Spell Book, and Interacting with Dark Mage) - Fixes various odd debug messages to console - Increments Versioning scheme to start with V1 (No major changes, just house keeping) Warfront1
  11. Unfortunately there is not Lava Rune Support at the moment. The shift clicking is a good idea, should cut down on trip times. Also the click delay is part of TRiBoT's antiban system ABCL. Warfront1
  12. Glad you are enjoying the script. The molten glass not working was most likely due to some issue the TRiBoT client was having at the time. At this moment TRiBoT and this Script should be fully functional! Enjoy, Warfront1
  13. warfront1

    [ABCL 10] Wool: Shear & Spin

    I've updated this script while waiting for one of my new accounts to come in for another method I'm working on. I've always loved the simplicity of this script, a great way to get some new accounts up and running with no effort. Also if your looking for just spinning, try out Auto Crafter Elite (free), it can spin anything. Warfront1
  14. @jamamma I am aware of the lunar pouch issue. I am in the process of purchasing an account to fix the issue. In the mean time, I am contacting you via PM to sort this issue out in your favor. Thanks for the report, Warfront1
  15. @Shotas Have you attempted to run this method after TRiLeZ updated the client? If you are still having issues, could you please let me know which battlestaff you are trying to create. After the RuneScape update I was testing with primarily Air battlestaff's I believe. Thanks, Warfront1