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  1. If you check the bot and client debug it will tell you what is going wrong, and how to fix it. Also when you start the script it gives you a little description at the top for some general things. In any case, the bot will tell you everything that needs to be changed/setup. I would just recommend watching a general ZMI guide on youtube, on how ZMI works. Then just head to the location, and start the script. It will handle the rest. Warfront1
  2. Thanks for the report, I have linked the problem to a TRiBot Client Bug. You can follow the report ticket here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues/295 Simply enable shift click in the controls menu to bypass this bug until a TRiBoT client dev can fix this issue. In addition I have pushed out a small hotfix for Auto Runecrafter Elite. There was an issue with the detection of bank fillers for the fast deposit method at ZMI. Patch is live. @goldbros Enjoy, Warfront1
  3. We were able to sort @ndacosta issues. The freezing was able to be resolved by setting the client into lite mode. Warfront1
  4. V1.016 Release: - Fixes a bug in the selected item failsafe, the script was detecting that an item was selected and causing erratic clicking. - Impacted Scripts: Abyss (all methods, few actions), ZMI (ladder) Please monitor if you are using any of the two methods above. The fix should alleviate some of the crazy miss clicking. Warfront1
  5. To all customers having issues, please attempt to clear your hooks: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/52934-tutorial-how-to-delete-hooksdat/ There is a good chance this step alone will fix a lot of unwanted behavior. I was able to get rick558 sorted last week via a PM. I have a takeaway of adding some leniency to the tiara detection, as it was causing him some issues on the lava method. If anyone else is having a similar issue please let me know, so I can escalate the priority. ZMI is fully working, and has been since release last year. There is a know issue the ladder that I have just pushed out a patch for that should alleviate some of the miss clicking (release notes at bottom of this post) @ndacosta @frz @Prenix1 and @WannaBot Please attempt to clear your Hooks, using the link in the beginning of this post. I hope the issues have been worked out for you at this point. If not please attempt to send over the bot and client debug (via right click copy and paste), and a screenshot to help the debugging process. The goal is that I can have a reproducible way on my end to re-create the bug you are experiencing, so I can debug and fix it. Warfront1
  6. Sure does, just set up as if you were going to do a normal lava run, and it should take it from there. The bot and client debug will let you know if anything is off, or needs to be changed. Alternatively you can just start the bot, and it will tell you what is wrong/needs to be altered. Warfront1
  7. If you could provide more information, I could attempt to assist you, or contact me on discord and we can solve the issue over a chat there. Without any information, I would be interested in your java version, making sure you have an up to date version of java 8, and also your operating system. Beyond that check out the FAQ's on page one of the thread and run through the most common issues resolutions there. Warfront1
  8. Make sure to have at-least 50 or so of the all the runes required to cast the lunar repair spell. Even if you have a staff that satisfies the conditions of the runes, you must have some in your bank regardless. If that doesn't work please clear your hooks.dat https://tribot.org/forums/topic/52934-tutorial-how-to-delete-hooksdat/ Warfront1
  9. Currently it does not sorry. The path is actually generated every time, the locations (point a - b) is always pretty similar, so it may look that way. I am interested in the second issue. Have you attempt to clear your hooks.dat Sure, there is already a free trial https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/245 In addition I just helped out a customer via discord who was having issues with lava's and ZMI. The source of most of his issues was due to his hooks.dat file being corrupted. Please visit the guide above, in order to delete if you are noticing the script operating oddly. In addition on the ZMI method be sure to have your default rune deposit method set up for AIRs. Also, we noted that the issues with accessing the ladder to go into the ZMI cave are on going. I am hoping to look into this and optimize it this weekend. Thanks, Warfront1
  10. The rune pouch change came out recently, but prior it cost less than $1 USD to buy one in GP, so it was just built with that in mind. Perhaps now that they made it a bit more of a pain, this decision will need to be reanalyzed. Hopefully you were able to get all working. Post your bot and client debug. It should be banking your amulets of glory in most all scenarios. Let me know if you have a list of actions that it would take in which it would not. Warfront1
  11. Note to all customers, there was a small outage of the DNS for elitescripts.tk, which could have caused images to not load, and errors with dynamic signatures/paints. All should be fixed now, do a hard refresh on your browser if you are experiencing issues. Please report to me if you notice any other oddities. As of this point the issue is resolved. Thanks, Warfront1
  12. Instead of dealing unnecessarily with messy threading logic, you could have a service that houses the logic for determining this state you speak of. IE. determining if there is player next to you. You could then place a dependency on this service for all tasks that are interested in this specific state. Basically I shouldn't be mining in the wilderness if there is a pker next to me. The mining node has a dependency on the service to determine if there is a pker next to you. Based on the node framework design this conditional logic should be called from within your mining validator implementation. Further down stream, while mining the rock in your dynamic sleeping/sleeping method while mining, this state should be checked, and if found the task should return/terminate. The main loop should then pick up your node that corresponds with what actions you would want to take in this scenario. IE. teleport, run, etc. Also as far as the priority system goes, I typically see this type of structure being used improperly in place of proper conditional/state logic. Instead of clearly defining the state/validator for the node, people start using a priority system as an override. Where it really breaks down is when you have a bunch of nodes in a "high" priority, but you want one in an even higher priority, so you add "very high" etc. to the priority list/enum. Debugging this type of thing could become difficult as the states are unclear mixing in the element of priority on top of poor state logic. Warfront1
  13. What method are you using @Norwayboi ? Be sure to have 4 does potions in the bank, and have a decent stack of them 5+ Warfront1
  14. V1.015 Release: - Adds No Xp Gained Timeout Failsafe to ZMI and Lava methods - Fixes Nature General Store Method (Safe, unsafe, and master/slave methods) Essence Slot Failsafe - On Resizable mode, this failsafe did not work as intended: essence was dragged to the middle of the screen instead of 2nd slot. - Ring of Dueling Handling (impacting Law ballon, lava, and fire methods), fixes detection of ring of dueling in slot. - In edge case scenarios, the impacted scripts would detect a ring of dueling was equiped, when in fact it was not. @Shoey55 Warfront1
  15. @tuhabonye It's been a while since I tested that nature walking General Store method, I will give it a test tomorrow or at latest Wednesday. There have been no changes that I am aware of that would be causing any issues. Are you running in fixed or re sizable? However, give the FAQ a read especially: Fully delete, and re-run TRiBoT Warfront1
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