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  1. Note to all customers, there was a small outage of the DNS for elitescripts.tk, which could have caused images to not load, and errors with dynamic signatures/paints. All should be fixed now, do a hard refresh on your browser if you are experiencing issues. Please report to me if you notice any other oddities. As of this point the issue is resolved. Thanks, Warfront1
  2. Instead of dealing unnecessarily with messy threading logic, you could have a service that houses the logic for determining this state you speak of. IE. determining if there is player next to you. You could then place a dependency on this service for all tasks that are interested in this specific state. Basically I shouldn't be mining in the wilderness if there is a pker next to me. The mining node has a dependency on the service to determine if there is a pker next to you. Based on the node framework design this conditional logic should be called from within your mining validator implementation. Further down stream, while mining the rock in your dynamic sleeping/sleeping method while mining, this state should be checked, and if found the task should return/terminate. The main loop should then pick up your node that corresponds with what actions you would want to take in this scenario. IE. teleport, run, etc. Also as far as the priority system goes, I typically see this type of structure being used improperly in place of proper conditional/state logic. Instead of clearly defining the state/validator for the node, people start using a priority system as an override. Where it really breaks down is when you have a bunch of nodes in a "high" priority, but you want one in an even higher priority, so you add "very high" etc. to the priority list/enum. Debugging this type of thing could become difficult as the states are unclear mixing in the element of priority on top of poor state logic. Warfront1
  3. What method are you using @Norwayboi ? Be sure to have 4 does potions in the bank, and have a decent stack of them 5+ Warfront1
  4. V1.015 Release: - Adds No Xp Gained Timeout Failsafe to ZMI and Lava methods - Fixes Nature General Store Method (Safe, unsafe, and master/slave methods) Essence Slot Failsafe - On Resizable mode, this failsafe did not work as intended: essence was dragged to the middle of the screen instead of 2nd slot. - Ring of Dueling Handling (impacting Law ballon, lava, and fire methods), fixes detection of ring of dueling in slot. - In edge case scenarios, the impacted scripts would detect a ring of dueling was equiped, when in fact it was not. @Shoey55 Warfront1
  5. @tuhabonye It's been a while since I tested that nature walking General Store method, I will give it a test tomorrow or at latest Wednesday. There have been no changes that I am aware of that would be causing any issues. Are you running in fixed or re sizable? However, give the FAQ a read especially: Fully delete, and re-run TRiBoT Warfront1
  6. @varago I am aware of the issue with the ladder, I am planning to tweak that this week. As far as the 4 dose staminas, be sure there are only 4 dose staminas in your bank. As any lower will greatly reduce your efficiency with the deposit all method (which you should be using if not already). As far as the ESC to close bank, it is a good point and could crank out some more xp per hour, but other refinements such as the ladder are taking precedence. Be sure to start the lava bot at the fire alter, if you are unsure how the method works. Also be sure to check the bot and client debug. There are a bunch of customers using the lava methods, I'd be glad to help you get up and running. @ziy1995 Yes, it supports all runes into the abyss, including natures. It does NOT support master slave through the abyss. Only traditional abyss runs. No unfortunately there is no master/slave for lavas. Warfront1
  7. Interesting stuff, found a stackoverflow with the same question. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38593613/creating-keyevent-with-specific-fields here is another interesting one on topic: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17255549/how-can-i-get-the-keyboard-scan-code-in-java/26688875 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14572270/how-can-i-perfectly-simulate-keyevents General consensus is to use reflection, which I believe we still block on TRiBoT for security reasons. Warfront1
  8. Great addition to the team, welcome @Rileyz I mentioned this a few years back, that we haven't even scraped the surface of what could be done from a digital marketing perspective. The team here consists of so many hard core developers that we, myself included, sometimes get lost in the complexities/weeds of development. It will be great to have someone solely focused on this task. I have an idea list a mile long after being at TRiBoT for over 8 + years on small marketing related activities that could be extremely fruitful. I'm compelled to point on one of the lowest hanging fruit, highest value marketing tools we have yet to deploy successfully. Email. In my honest opinion, this could be the portfolio/resume builder of a lifetime for someone getting into digital marketing. Warfront1
  9. @IceKontroI I'd imagine your deeper in the weeds on this topic than the large majority of the community. I can't for the life of me find it, but at one point perhaps 3 year back or further, TRiBoT had a critical flaw with the keyboard class. We were omitting some type of event, that was resulting in instant mute/bans at that period of time. This issue was rectified by TRiLeZ years ago, but I wish I could find the old thread/context for you as it should be helpful in preventing you from getting muted on your test accounts and not knowing why. Also nearly every other service/api method that uses the keyboard under the hood leverages the keyboard class as far as I am aware. Not sure if you have work around this yet, or how you intend to solve this. I suppose you could inject in, and reference your custom keyboard classes. Not sure how deep you are looking to integrate this, and would be interested in the use cases. I'll let you know if I come across the thread/info, if you figure it out as well be sure to shoot me a pm or tag me, as I would be interested in giving it a re-read it myself. Warfront1
  10. @YeetNSkeet Could you provide more details. Location screenshot, bot and client debug. It makes it terrible hard for me to assist you without any additional information. Love to get you up and running. The Master Slave method was fixed a few months ago with the help of another customer, and should be fully operational. Warfront1
  11. Dusty could you elaborate, I am constantly updating the script to improve the experience. Sorry you aren't happy, Warfront1
  12. Version V1.014 Released: - ZMI: fixes GUI spacing/cut off issues - ZMI: fixes auto-retaliate failsafe bug fix - ZMI: Addresses issue of run energy not being turned on after depleting @potpots Warfront1
  13. We were able to fix Marvvan's issues: When running the lava rune method he did not have enough Earth Talismans, a fire taira equipped, or any binding necklaces. Note: that all of this information is provided in the bot and client debug or on screen. Warfront1
  14. Take a look at the bot and client debug. Sometimes one will have information and the other will not. @marvvan Warfront1
  15. V1.013 Released: - Fixed issue that prevented access to Water, Fire, and Mind Rift's via the abyss runecrafting method Thanks @visualizedddddddd for the report, Warfront1
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