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  1. Yes it currently supports rune pouch on lava and zmi methods only. It supports essence pouches on virtually all methods. ZMI should 100% be working, make sure you have stamina potions in your bank. Contact me on discord if there is any issues. Check the bot and client debug. It will tell you what is going on. One piece of advice I like to offer people is to start off in the altar of the rune you are trying to craft, and let the bot guide you from there. Follow along with the bot and client debug. If you look at the bot and client debug it will outline in a simple sentence what the cause of the issue was. It is below the runescape window in the tribot client. @lil greggerz @cmacdonald92 @Potat OG @oilup Please contact me on discord/pm if I didn't get back to you in an appropriate time, as I haven't gotten much time for TRiBoT in the past few weeks. Current virus related activities in general have caused an extreme lack of time for me in the past few weeks. Warfront1
  2. @h0tsh0t It should be drinking after they expire? Are you saying it is never drinking again? Also there was a failsafe added to toggle run on if it is off, that I tested pretty extensively. If you are above ground and above 10 run, it should enable it for you, as a fail safe precaution. Warfront1
  3. I just completed a nature run to test, and all seemed well. When doing the master slave method start with a decent stack of pure essence (~200 and around 2k gp). Contact me on discord if you are still having issues. Also try to delete your hooks.dat @imperior One tip I give people who aren't familiar with a method is to setup the bot next to the altar of which ever run you are attempting to craft. The bot and client debug will guide you from there. Also feel free to contact me via discord.
  4. V1.018 Released: - Adds Grace period to Fire Tiara Failsafe on Lava RuneCrafting - Minor re-write of No Xp gained Failsafe @Mushrooms @Diltune What you are experiencing is a TRiBot specific error, not an Auto Runecrafter Elite issue. If you purchase the full copy of Auto RuneCrafter Elite you should not have that issue as I have the running instance count set to 100. Read more here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/65078-quick-tutorial-the-maximum-instances-issue/ @lookingtobot1992 I have seen this occur prior. Have you attempted to lower your client paint delay under your TRiBoT client settings? Be sure to start a fresh copy of TRiBoT as well after playing with the settings. The script will turn off potion support and continue running if you run out of stamina potions. Warfront1
  5. Please enable lite mode on tribot under settings, more information on this can be found on page 1 under the FAQ section. @Judicator @Mushrooms The bot debug must be followed exactly, please setup your runepouch as the error message suggested. I believe there is a 30 second/1 minute time loss per hour due to this last I calculated. Should be able to use the staff of your choosing. Warfront1
  6. Yes you would need to trade over GP, and noted essence. @olstan Essentially instead of the bot running, you would perform the Master bot's actions manually... Warfront1
  7. Yes check it out here https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/245 @haantje94 @kyesbots Pick up a copy of the abyssal book from the mage within the center of the abyss this will fix your issues. Also please take a look at our FAQ's Warfront1
  8. V1.017 Released: - Fixed issue with Glory Teleport Via Abyss Method I've hotfixed this issue for now, keep me posted on if any issue persist. @camarad @frogspawn49 Warfront1
  9. I'd recommend running Airs/Earths to 14, then doing Fire Runes via Castle Wars Dueling Rings. At 23 you can jump on the huge XP of lava's, and keep moving up from there. All methods suggested the script supports. Warfront1
  10. No sorry, there is no support for mud runes at the moment. What method did you have in mind? I've actually yet to receive the request for the feature. Be sure to check out Lava's though, if your looking for combinations runes. Warfront1
  11. If you check the bot and client debug it will tell you what is going wrong, and how to fix it. Also when you start the script it gives you a little description at the top for some general things. In any case, the bot will tell you everything that needs to be changed/setup. I would just recommend watching a general ZMI guide on youtube, on how ZMI works. Then just head to the location, and start the script. It will handle the rest. Warfront1
  12. Thanks for the report, I have linked the problem to a TRiBot Client Bug. You can follow the report ticket here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues/295 Simply enable shift click in the controls menu to bypass this bug until a TRiBoT client dev can fix this issue. In addition I have pushed out a small hotfix for Auto Runecrafter Elite. There was an issue with the detection of bank fillers for the fast deposit method at ZMI. Patch is live. @goldbros Enjoy, Warfront1
  13. We were able to sort @ndacosta issues. The freezing was able to be resolved by setting the client into lite mode. Warfront1
  14. V1.016 Release: - Fixes a bug in the selected item failsafe, the script was detecting that an item was selected and causing erratic clicking. - Impacted Scripts: Abyss (all methods, few actions), ZMI (ladder) Please monitor if you are using any of the two methods above. The fix should alleviate some of the crazy miss clicking. Warfront1
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