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  1. Chisel, what method are you using? I may be having an early morning moment, but I believe there is no chisel methods in this script. The only chisel one I can think of is gem cutting which is actually part of auto fletcher elite v2???? Warfront1
  2. warfront1

    [ABCL 10] Auto Fletcher Elite V2

    An update has just been pushed out to address bow Stringing actions! I did notice some oddities with the paint not updating which I will need to dig into at a later point in time. Warfront1
  3. 4/17/2018 Update: - Armour Make X Screen Fixes (All types: Blue/Green/Black/Snake/Leather/etc.) - Glass Make X Screen Fixes - Pottery make X screen Fixes - Spinning make X screen Fixes - Jewelry will now click make all instead of using make x interface Interesting to note that the Jewelry portion of the script was STILL operational 3 years later, just a slight enhancement to now click make all. Warfront1
  4. @YoHoJo @luck or skill Sorry if the communication hasn't been very transparent on my end. I have every intention of maintaining this script, infact I was working on it a week or two back. I was using it a learning opportunity to implement some techniques I've been reading about. xUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code by Gerard Meszaros and Martin folwer. The root cause of the issue is the Make x interface changes introduced a few months back. The 3 year update time is a very poor and misleading statistic. If anything it is a testament to the stability of the product. The script was fully functional for nearly 2 1/2 years without update. Auto Crafter Elite is not going anywhere, it will remain one of the longest running crafting scripts for years to come. If there is a particular use case you are interested in being fixed, let me know which one and what it means to you. Keep posted, Warfront1
  5. Fairy Ring Method, and Cosmic Shortcuts are broken. Cosmic Normal is operational, as well as all other nature methods. I would need test accounts to fix both methods. Due to the new influx of customers, I will be purchasing an account shortly to fix these methods. Warfront1
  6. @Chemistry Thanks for taking the time to submit your quality feedback. Let me start by saying I agree with nearly every point you made as areas that could use improvement. I will address each point individually. 1. The Banking is controlled by TRiBoT API (Code out of my control). I do agree no one withdraws 2 pieces of food with withdraw x, especially during frequent withdraws. To address this I would have to create custom handling for banking. The tribot banking has built in anti-ban and utility functions that make it easy to use. The right way to go about this would be to try to get TRiLeZ to update how this works across the board. So multiple scripts could leverage this. Perhaps any withdraw under ~5(+-2) have the chance to withdraw using this method, using similar models to abcl. 2. The Walking method to the ditch is a little complicated. If someone has the door open to the house with men npc's in it, it is very easy to missclick in there. The walking is very deliberate, but after a while of testing the most reliable seems to be what is currently implemented. Perhaps I could try implementing some experimental alternatives. Also I believe I timed it/measure it out, with the trees in the way the west path is actually more of a direct shot/faster. It was originally east of the house in early versions. 3. The Tribot walking methods are also a little weird here, but I could probably tune these up a bit. 4. The TRiBoT clicking method is used, nothing more. It is sort of an odd interaction. There isn't really good feedback even as a good user on when you should stop spam clicking. Most legit players would spam the obstacles as well. Animations are constantly broken as you are attacked, the feedback even from a legitimate players perspective is terrible, leading to most players just spamming the obstacles. An alternative Method could be worked up to not move the mouse, but I think you will find even though you think you don't move the mouse, there very well be small movements. 5. The banking is also controlled by TRiBoT for ABCL compliance. Me and TRiLeZ worked through a bunch of issues with the edgeville bank and landed where we currently are today. I doubt this is an area he would be interested in looking into, especially in light of other features requests. Prior to ABCL, the bot would literally just click the bank booth. Warfront1
  7. Sorry for your loss. Where did you happen to buy your proxies from? Often proxy ranges, especially those associated with botting, are pre-flagged. Even more so, on shared/past used/abused proxy. Warfront1
  8. I just ran a 30 minute session of glory abyss and all seemed fine. On a slower machine this method could be a bit of a pain, as it attempts to interact with the mage as quickly as possible. If your machine is lagging, it can sometimes be difficult for tribot to create a mouse pathway to click the mage before he moves off the screen. The banking is using all of TriBots built in banking utilities, I didn't notice anything to the extreme you mentioned. @jimbiddy I don't have a test account for the nature fairy ring method. If anyone has one and is willing to allow me to fix/test this method, I can reimburse the price of the monthly payment. Warfront1
  9. The fairy ring method use the fairy ring to teleport back to zanaris and bank there. Then use the main fairy ring to teleport back to karjama. Usually the bot debug will attempt to tell you what is going wrong. The fairy ring method was a niche use case added a few years back on user request. Warfront1
  10. Start the script with essence the tiara and staff equipped in the nature altar. You should see the progression from there. Warfront1
  11. Could you provide a little more detail. What rune/method. What series of events led you to receive the bug. Thanks, Warfront1
  12. warfront1

    How To Connect Tor With Tribot

    Using tor or/and a proxy will change your ip address. There may be an easier guide for how to use tor with tribot, but last I set it up I had automation running with whonix ( a linux distro), that would cycle through tor end nodes until it found one that worked with both TRiBoT and Runescape. Buying a proxy and using it is sort of turn key using the tribot loader. Warfront1
  13. warfront1

    [ABCL 10] Auto Fletcher Elite V2

    @Stoxym8 Give it a shot now, the Gem Cutting should be fixed. Warfront1
  14. warfront1

    Script Cleanup

    Every single team meeting or staff discussion, this issue is always one of my top priority topics. As long as I remain on TRiBoT, I will push this topic, as I believe it is crucial to delivering a positive customer experience. When I look back at some of my best botting experiences, it was due to the pre-combed through quality content. The content management was tight allowing good content to rise to the top, and bad content to be removed. It is imperative to delivering a premium botting experience. Not only is a onetime cleaning necessary, but also an effective on-going management process. Warfront1
  15. warfront1

    [ABCL 10] Auto Fletcher Elite V2

    Most likely broken due to the update a few months back, I'll update it when I get home later. Warfront1