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  1. Hey Everyone! I recently took on a challenge that required me to get an account to level 99 fishing. Please come out and support me ^.^ Be sure to subscribe Link: https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCgfZmzcKr--ZAFI09WVi1WA/live Thanks again
  2. After doing some research on the issue, I found an interesting post from microsoft from Microsoft regarding the issue. Here's a link to follow along. Link: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-performance/error-loadlibrary-failed-with-error-126-the-module/c5b67473-00f8-4e4a-b8a5-f7f9c619c3d9?auth=1 Possiblity 1 It sounds like it might be a driver issue. The only way to fix this is to make sure that all of the drivers on the computer are up to date. While I personally do think that all my drivers are up to date, I am using a nvideo and amd R9 390 in the same machine. This has been causing some issues (though I thought that I did get this resolved). This is something worth looking into. Possibility 2 Check the system/program files on the computer. They suggest using the system file checker tool to troubleshoot any corrupted system file on the computer. I'll have to look on how to do this on a windows 10 computer. I might also do a chkdsk on my computer as well just to make sure that the integrity of all the files on my computer are as good as they can be. It wouldn't hurt. Possibility 3 Open command prompt > Run as Admin > type the following commands >> Cd /d C:\Windows\System32 Copy atioglxx.dll .dll (Type as seen) >> Exit Command Prompt "Research as to what atioglxx.dll .dll is?" ___________________________________ Link: http://www.processlibrary.com/en/directory/files/atioglxx/309747/ Author: Process Library ATI OpenGL driver This process is still being reviewed. If you have some information about it feel free to send us an email at pl[at]uniblue[dot]com Non-system processes like atioglxx.dll originate from software you installed on your system. Since most applications store data in your system's registry, it is likely that over time your registry suffers fragmentation and accumulates invalid entries which can affect your PC's performance. ________________________________________ I'll try these options and see if it fixes the issue. I do note that many of the people that used the above reported that it did fix the issue. Therefore, I'm confident that atlease one of the above things will do the trick! Wish me Luck!!!
  3. I did delete the program files (for tribot) from %appdata% which helped reduce the frequency of this error. I will note though that I still get this error. Anyone have any idea as to why I keep gettings this error??? It's really bizzare :/
  4. This is awesome!!! Thanks
  5. Hi there everyone! I'm the great Decatsmeow Add me as a friend on here okay?
  6. My money making method currently makes me about 8 mil a day. While that's not much, it's not bad either Xo

  7. I'm glad you got it figured out ^.^ Past that, I would have said to try both the x64 and the x84 (32 vs 64 bit) version of Java. Also, one could try the offline version of Java to fix the issue. Just some food for thought for anyone else that passes through here with the same issue. Best of Luck!
  8. Are you doing it in Java, C++, or something else???
  9. Great Xo I searched through the forum and nothing came up. The error sounds like something (Java wise) keeps getting mishandled.
  10. When I open a client and attempt to run some bots, I always seems to get the following popup box... Error LoadLibrary failed with error 126: The specified module could not be found. Upon clicking the OK box, Tribot closes/crashes. The bot that I'm currently trying to use is [bETA] Delta Miner. If I remember correctly, I've had this happen with other bots which leads me to think its something with the client. File > Settings Client Paint Delay (0) Tribot Sleep Modifier (1.0) Paintable Display Delay (100) Mouse Speed Variance Limiter (0) Checked (Bellow) Lite Mode Autostart Client Restart Client on Update Use Auto-Responder Use New Mouse Input Policy Dismiss Randoms Enable Human Mouse (If Available) Use Human-Like Client Loading Use Hook Storage (Lowers Loading Time) Unchecked (Bellow) Only load local Scripts Paint Screen Models Participate in the 'Freeze Debug Program' System Windows 10 Pro AMD FX 8350 Eight Core Processor 4 GHz 32GB Ram Settings on opening Tribot Checked Old-School Unchecked Development Release Console Mode Java Version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_73 Proxy: None ******************* I'd like to get help in regards to getting Tribot stable so I can run my bots without them crashing due to this mysterious error. Any input would be helpful... Thank You ~Master Decats
  11. Obtains 1 ore and then the script ends. WTF!!! This script looks awesome... Please FIX!!!
  12. Just read an earlier post that this feature must not be working because of the captcha update. Bummer .-.
  13. I've been trying to get the account creation feature to work. I use the line of code provided at the start of the forum. I put my domain name in and the password. In the client debug, the account and the password show up but nothing happens. Worth noting, I do get this text. [15:10:13] Account creation page link: https://secure.runescape.com/m=account-creation/g=oldscape/create_account_funnel.ws[15:10:04] making account[15:10:13] Failed to make an account due to invalid information, website is down, or we are blocked for a short amount of time, sleeping for 6 minutes[15:10:13] Account information for the failed account (You can try to make the account yourself on the rs acc page or see if any of the information below looks wrong..)Because I've never used this part of the script, is there supposed to be a link that opens and does all this? Or does it behind the scenes? Thanks for your help in advance ^.^
  14. Then why are so many other botting clients shifting to c++ clients that run on top of Java. I'm not a pro but something tells me that it would make the bots much more undetectable considering that the client isn't actually pulling data directly from the game (much like looking glass). Plus, java runs pretty heavy. Maybe more bots could be run at the same time on windows systems??? The only reason Java's even considered a "great programming language" is because if you can get Java to run on it, anything that is programming to run in java will run it. Therefore, many devices can run the clients fairly easily. Yet, Java has plenty of cons that stack up against it. In my time of programming in it, the syntax for things can get pretty silly (especially when taking in user input). C++ does this with sooooo much ease. Plus, with extra driver support, it'd run alot better. We'd have to find someone that's actually good enough to program in it though. Would it be worth while posting just some training C++ code here? Kind of like a C++ code dump? Might be fun and educational
  15. Gotcha. Then what's the point of having a section cut out for C++ here? I was hoping that tribot was doing like many of the other botting services out there and switching to a c++ environment. Oh well .-. I just don't like Java Xo