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  1. Can someone help me lol
  2. Well nonetheless, I need an antipoison lol. I will get a mule. I didn't really want to at first but I guess I'll have to.
  3. what I don't have a mule lol.
  4. Nah I don't have any RS players on skype. Sucks. I tried logging into RS and finding someone quick but everyone tries to troll to get my loot lol.
  5. I was wcing at cammy and just got rushed, I have like 20 HP and am poisoned. Can someone hook me an anti poison? I'll give you 10k in items or some shit for a dose. HELP PLS <3
  6. @Tri What level is reccomended to train there?
  7. Where are some safe places to train my CB in deadman.. having troubles getting past 25 cb without dying lol..
  8. Buying 1 credit for paypal. Name your price.
  9. Change the rate to USD, some people don't realize the exchange rate and may think its pricier than it really is.
  10. 366
  11. Jelly of the proggies you guys just posted. What java are you guys running btw? My script is still broken.
  12. Yeah I was struggling with the new captcha. But yeah that kid left me neg for this :/ Getting it removed. I returned the favor. He's a child lol.
  13. Honsteez My bad. Still looking!
  14. DELETE this please.. someone neg repped. Didn't know this wasnt allowed wtf.. why the neg rep?
  15. If anyone has found a way to fix the messed up offers please let me know, I will pay you. All of my offers are absurd and I make 0 gp on a 5 hour run time l0l. I can't even use the script and I get no refund or extension hm.