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  1. Looking to purchase 100m for $1.05/m from verified paypal balance. I buy frequently. PM me for skype.
  2. Just on the regular DMM server. Have 2.15m cash and 800k in nats about. Looking for osrs
  3. Negus 0

    Buying 3m OSRS

    Need 3m at the cheapest rate post/pm
  4. You are mistaken. I am buying DMM gold. I have been buying it pretty steady and it HAS fell. I ended up buying my gold for a discounted price. There's no need for your posts.
  5. @Jaybots1 No, there's sometimes sellers who need to get rid of their gold immediately and may settle for a lesser price. The rate is also dropping pretty quickly, so let's just all agree that your post is the only spam here. lol
  6. Looking to buy deadman gold at a cheaper rate than the gold sites are offering. Post/PM your rates. Ty
  7. Well nonetheless, I need an antipoison lol. I will get a mule. I didn't really want to at first but I guess I'll have to.
  8. Nah I don't have any RS players on skype. Sucks. I tried logging into RS and finding someone quick but everyone tries to troll to get my loot lol.
  9. I was wcing at cammy and just got rushed, I have like 20 HP and am poisoned. Can someone hook me an anti poison? I'll give you 10k in items or some shit for a dose. HELP PLS <3
  10. @Tri What level is reccomended to train there?
  11. Where are some safe places to train my CB in deadman.. having troubles getting past 25 cb without dying lol..
  12. Buying 1 credit for paypal. Name your price.
  13. How much can someone offer me for 3.4M OSRS? Hit me up, skype: honsteez or PM me
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